Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



21. 21. Arriving At London

"Emily are you done packing?" Nick yelled at me from his room. "almost, just packing my shoes," its 9 in the morning. too early to get all pretty. so im just staying in my pjs, a hoodie and my uggs. my pj pants are pink, black and white plaid and my hoodie is all black. i put in the last of my shoes and brought both of my bags downstairs. everyone was waiting for me. oops. i always take forever. my mom, Andrew, and Nick all had on sweat pants with a hoodie on too. guess it was too early for them too. "nick are you gonna eat?" "Emily, hun dont eat were having breakfast at Anne's." i nodded. "i guess not" nick laughed. "is everyone ready? i put everything in the car already" Andrew announced. we headed out right away and arrived at Harry's house within 10 minutes. Anne made chocolate chip pancakes, bacon and curly fries. yum. my favorite breakfast. Robin and Andrew left early because they went to o rent a RV. when they got back it was 9:50. perfect timing. inside the  RV was beautiful. it was huge! it looked smell from the outside. there was a kitchen, bathroom, a flat screen tv, and 6 beds attached on the wall. it looked more like a tour bus famous people  use than a RV. me, harry, gemma and nick all right away went to the beds and closed the curtains. Robin was going to drive first and Andrew was in the passenger seat next to him. anne and my mom were on the couch talking and laughing like crazy. ~~~~~ i woke up from having the urge to pee. i went to the bathroom and i checked the time. it was 12:40. "hat time are we getting there?" i asked. "in about half an hour, wake everyone else up, will ya?" Andrew answered back, he was the one driving now. i went to go open nicks curtain to wake him up bu the was already awake on his phone. "hey your no fun to wake up, by the way were getting there in about half an hour" "i know, i heard my dad." i went to the freezer before i went to go wake harry up. i pulled open harrys curtain and he was fast asleep. i put 4 ice cubes in his sweater. he woke up instantly "emily! what the hell!" i was just there staring at him cracking up. "you shouldve seen your face! oh god, by the way, go wake gemma, were getting there in a bit" he nodded and got up. i went into my bags and got out an american flag sweater, jeans, socks and a pair of black converse. i just put my hair up into a pony tail, no make up today. and with that i was ready. gemma was up already and nick and harry were both already dressed. ~~~~ the hotel were staying at is 'Hilton London Metropole'. its beautiful in there. we went inside to put our bags in the room. "today were not doing anything, later were going out to a club, but you kids have to stay in the hotel" Andrew waned us and walked out the room. they booked 2 hotel rooms. each hotel room had 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a kitchen. andrew and my mom, anne and robin were in one, but in separate rooms. gemma and harry shared one room and me and nick shared another. good thing that mine, nicks, harrys, and gemmas room all have 2 beds in each room. we were all still tired so we decided to go to sleep for another while. ~~~~~ we all woke up around the same time, me and nick woke up from his phone ringing. its 5:00 right now. gemma and harry were in the main room watching tv. "hey we should watch a movie then go swimming." "what movie?" gemma spoke out. "zombieland?" nick suggested. we all nodded. the movie ended so me and gemma went into her and harrys room to look for a bikini, while nick and harry went into our room. i got my black and white strpied bikini bandeau, and gemma got her hollister bikini. harry and nick both had on black basketball shorts. nick and harry got towels for us while me and gemma put out hair up in a high ponytail. at 8:30 we decided to leave the pool. it was really fun! i got on top of harrys shoulders and gemma got on top of nicks and we had to try and knock each other down, i knocked gemma down twice and she knocked me down once. "you look pretty damn sexy in that bikini" harry whispered in my ear on our way back to the room. i looked at him and mouthed thank you and laughed. "those abs you got there aren't so bad either" i whispered back. he smacked my ass and i smacked his arm. when i smacked him it was loud. i didnt mean for it to be that loud! "what was that?" nick asked turning around. me and harry were in back of nick and gemma. "oh nothing, i just felt like slapping something" it wasnt a complete lie, i got the urge to punch something, but instead i slapped him. i looked at where i hit him and it was red. oops. i didnt mean to. when we got inside the room i went to the kitchen to get some water and i saw a note. "We left a little early, we wont be back until probably after 2am. Dont wait up for us. Behave! -Anne" "THEY LEFT A NOTE THEY ALREADY LEFT AND WONT BE BACK UNTIL AFTER 2 IN THE MORNING" "no need for yelling em" gemma walked into the kitchen laughing covering her ears with her hands. "sorry" i giggled. "me and nick are getting in the shower first, so you and harry have to go after us." i nodded and she walked away. i went to sit on the couch and turned on the tv while eating strawberries with sugar. harry sat next to me with a container full with grapes. "wanna watch Step Brothers?" i asked harry flicking through On Demand. "sure". i was still in my bikini and he was still in his basketball shorts. the movie was about 15 minutes in and harry kept coming closer. he finally pulled me onto his lap. "you know you have a comfy lap" he laughed "good, so you'll never get off" he said with a cheeky smirk.  i change my position so i was staring straight into his eyes, still sitting on his lap. "i like it like this better" i looked straight into his green eyes. "me too". i started laughing because i felt him start to grow under me, "whats so funny?" he asked "ohh nothing" i traced my fingers all the way to his dick and pointed to it. he blushed like crazy once he caught on. "only you make me like this baby" we winked. i looked down at his lips then back to his eyes.  why wont he just kiss me already!? i couldnt control myself. i had to take action. i slammed my lips onto his.  his hands were on my legs but he quickly moved them up to my ass. he would squeeze every so often. his kisses kept getting hungrier by the second. he pulled me as close as possible to him. you couldnt even put a sheet of paper between us thats how close we were.he started moving me back and forth making me dry hump him. i pulled away from the kiss and dry humped him for a while then moved on to a full on lap dance.  his hands not leaving my ass once. he kept pulling me down closer and closer so i would be as close as possible to his dick. i stopped went turned around so i would kiss him again. as i pulled in he laid down on the couch. i knew exactly why he did that. i was on top of him. we didnt disconnect the kiss. i pulled away and started dry humping him again, only him laying down this time. still his hands were on my ass. but he moved them into the inside of the bikini bottoms. i heard the water stop from both showers almost at the same time. i got up went to the kitchen to get a ice cream cone. "want one?" i asked. "what was that for?" his eyebrows furrowed. nick just then walked into the kitchen with only a towel wrapped around his waist. "nick put some clothes on, its not only us." i was used to seeing him like that. i knew he liked walking around naked. but he barely did it in front of me. i quote him "your still young. you dont need to see whats under this." unquote him. he told me this when i was over his house once in Los Angles and i went over. i mean i saw him completely naked once or twice. im not gonna lie he looked good. "it doesnt matter, harry's a guy and gemma's older then all of us, and well you've seen all of his already" he moved his hand all over his body with a smirk plastered over his face. i laughed and nodded. "someone whos finally like me." he started laughing. "like what?" nick asked turning towards him. "i like being naked" he added still laughing. nick went over to high five him. gemma came into the picture adding laughing "boys with be boys." "ill never understand" i added. she laughed and said "same here" i got my ipod and turned on Pandora walking into the bedroom. i got my undies, a bra, some shorts and a tank top. i only packed short shorts, i didnt think that we would be sharing a room with harry and gemma. oh well. the hotel room is too hot for pj pants or sweat pants. i walked over to the closet to get a towel, and harry was just walking out of his room. he gave me a huge smile showing me those amazing dimples i love. "we should continue that someday" he inked got a towel and went into the bathroom in his and gemmas room. i decided to go on my shuffle instead of Pandora. the first song that came out on shuffle was 'The Guillotine'  by Escape The Fate. i loved them so much. i have a odd taste in music. i like almost all types of music.i got out in about half an hour. harry was already out so he was with nick and gemma. "whos up for a scary movie?" i asked. they nodded. nick was flipped through the channels, "the house of the devil?" he asked.we all nodded in agreement. about 50 minutes into the i was on harry's lap, we were all cuddled up. we had a blanket around us and his arms were wrapped around my waist. gemma was on nicks lap as well they had a blanket over them. they kept giggling. about 10 minutes i looked over to nick and gemma. "look" i whispered to harry looking in gemma's and nick's direction. "theyre having an all out make out session" he laughed. we both turned back to the tv to continue watching the movie. harry instead of watching the movie he stated kissing my neck. "not now harry, theyre here" "so? theyre doing it" i nodded my head in saying no, so he stopped. ~~~ the movie ended and we decided to call it a night. me and nick headed to our room as harry and gemma headed to theirs. "whats up with you and harry?" nick asked once we were both in bed and the lights were out. "what do you mean?" i had a smile on my face. i gotta admit, i really do like harry. i just hope he feels the same. "when i was in the shower i usually hear your loudass, and today i didnt" "i could say the same for you and gemma, but nick, i really like harry. like ive never felt like this before. every time im by him or hear his name i get butterflies." "i think i like gemma too.." hr trailed off. "think? what did you think me and harry didnt see you  guys during the movie?" i was laughing. really loud. "see theres your loudass!" "dont change the subject" i said serious. "well do you think i didnt see harry kissing your neck." i didnt say anything back. what was i suppose to say. "exaclty" he said laughing. "shut up and go to sleep."

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