Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



20. 20. Auditions.

Anne and my mom came into the room. "Kids get up, its 2:45!" Anne excitedly whisper yelled.  We all groaned. it was too early to get up and get ready. We all walked up stairs, me, Harry, Nick and Gemma followed after my mom and Anne. Harry went to Nick's room to get dressed in there. Me and Gemma came to mine. i went to my closet to pick something different. i didnt feel like wearing the floral shorts and the loose tank top anymore. it was still on my bed from last night. i came out of my closet with a pair of jean shorts, a navy blue and white striped tank top, with a blazer and my white converse. Gemma was still looking in her bag to find something to wear. "Dont know what to wear?" i asked giggling. "no!" she laughed back. "you can go look in my closet if you want." i suggested. She came out with high waisted skinny jeans, a black vneck and a pair of my black heels. i went into the bathroom to change so she could change in my room. while i was in there, i brushed my teeth and put my hair down. it was wavy, so i felt it down. "are you done?" Gemma knocked on the bathroom door. "yeah" i opened the door. "do you have a hair straightener?" Gemma asked. i nodded and plugged it in for her. "simple but cute outfit" i told her. "thanks, i lie your outfit to" "thanks." "are you going to put make up on?" she asked. "only mascara, lip gloss and a little blush, are you?" "nah, i dont feel like it" she answered. "Em, can you do my hair for me? i dont feel like moving, im too tired." she complained. i laughed and nodded. Nick and Harry walked into my bathroom. "You guys have to hurry up if you want to get something to eat." Nick said. "what time is it?" i asked. "3:35" Harry looked a this phone. i nodded. "When shes done doing my hair we'll be ready." Nick had on a hoodie, jeans and his Nikes on. As for Harry, he had a black tshirt, with jeans, and a pair of Nick's Jordans on. "im so glad we all get along." Gemma randomly said. "what do you mean?" "Like my mom, Robin, your parents, and us. around each other. we act like we've known each other our whole lives. and really its only been a day." "well besides me and Harry" "yeah." "Im done, lets go! im starving!" just then both of our stomached growled. "guess we both are" she said laughing. Anne and my mom both had on a white t shirt and jeans. Anne's said 'WE THINK HARRY HAS THE XFACTOR' and my moms said 'WE THINK EMILY HAS THE XFACTOR'. Robin and Andrew also had one on. "Gemma, did you say you were going to wear a shirt?" "do you have a black v neck one?" "actually yes i do" Anne tossed it over to Gemma and Gemma just out it over her other one. *KNOCK KNOCK* someone knocked on the front door. wonder who. "that must be Matt!" Anne and my mom said at the same time. "whos Matt?" me and Nick asked. "Our cousin, hes coming to watch the auditions." Gemma answered.  

---------We went to McDonalds to get the breakfast there. i took my phone out of my pocket to check the time, it was 4:25. We were in the parking lot of where the auditions are being held. "where is it here?" My mom asked Anne. "Manchester" wow was it already full of people. we went into the line, where it takes us to get out audition number. -----Were finally next! it was really bright out now. and the time was 8:15. "Hello, can we get your name?" the staff worker asked Harry. "im Harry Styles." Robin, Anne, Gemma and Harry backed off to the side to wait for us. "hello whats your name?" "im Emily Lopez." they gave my my number, im 165999. "harry what number are you?" "165998" "im 165999, does that mean im after you?" "i guess." ----------"Mr. Styles?" a worker came up to us. we were now sitting inside. "yes?" "your on next." "are you Emily Lopez?" she asked looking at me. "great follow me, your up after Harry." we all got up and followed her. i checked my phone to see what time it was. it was 12:00. i thought we were all going to fall asleep, but we were all talking and laughing the whole time. pretty loud if you ask me. we all gave Harry a goodluck hug and he walked off onto the stage. were watching on the TV.   "how are you?" Simon asked. "Hello" Harry answered. "Nice to meet you, whats your name?" "Im Harry Styles." "alright what are you gonna do?" Simon asked. "ill do Isnt She Lovely, by Stevie Wonder." "okay good luck."

"Inst she lovely,  isnt she wonderful, isnt she precious, less than one minute old, and i ever thought through love we'd be. making on e as lovwly as she, but isnt she lovely made from love."his beautiful voice came through the TV. "Nichole what did you think?" Simon asked Nichole. "uh im really glad we had the oppurtinuty to hear you acapella. cause we could  really hear how great your voice is." "thank you" harry said. "for 16 years old you have a beautiful voice." Nichole added. "i agree with Nichole, however i think, i think your still a bit young." "WHAT!" we all yelled at the same time. 'BOOOO' someone in the audience yelled. "yeah someone in the audience just said rubbish, and i totally agree with them. Because the show is designed to find someone in you weather your 15,16,17 it doesnt matter. i think with a bit o vocal coaching you could actually be very good." "thank you" Louie said no. i literally want to punch him i the face right now. how could he say no?  "i like you Harry, im gonna say Yes." Nichole said. "and you'll be happy to hear that ill b e agreeing with Nichole." Simon said. Harry had the biggest most adorable smile on his face ever. he walked off the stage. "oh my god im next." i said. "good luck!" they all told me after i hugged them all. i hugged nick last. "good luck, i know you'll make it." he whispered to me. "thanks" "hello, whast your name?" Louie asked me. "im Emily" "Emily what?" "Emily Lopez" "you have an American accent i see?" Simon said. "yeah, i just recently moved to Holmes Chapel from Los Angles." "and why was that?" "My mom and her boyfriend gt a job offer." "so your the only child?" "no, actually, my moms boyfriends has a son. and we were bestfriends in school. we had no idea." "oh i see" "So what are you going to sin for us Emily?" Nichole asked. "Use Somebody by Kings of Leon." "okay, best of luck" she added. the music started playing. "ive been roaming around, always looking down and all i see, painted faces fill the places i cant know that i could use somebody, you know that i could use somebody. someone like you. all you know and how you speak, countless lover undercover the street." i stopped. Non of the judges said anything. "how old are you?"  Nichole asked me. "16" "wow, that was amazing." "thanks" "Emily, you have a really great voice, its very unique." Simon added. "never stop singing!" Louie added after Simon. "thank you" i kind of laughed. "alright lets vote" "Nichole?" "Emily, you really amazed me, its a yes from me." "thanks" "Yes from me!" Louie said "thanks." "Emily, just like Louie said, never stop singing. you truly have a great voice. its a massive huge yes from me." Simon gave me my last yes. "thank you!" i had the biggest smile on my face. i walked off the stage to where the other constents who got yes' were at. i right away saw Harry, but he was talking with another guy. he didnt notice me so i ran and jumped on him with my arms wrapped around him. "I got 3 yeses!" i practually yelled. "i knew you could do it!" "Emily, this is Josh. Josh this is Emily." "wow, she is beautiful" i blushed. "you werent suppose to say anything!" Harry gave Josh a mad look. i changed how i was on him, to sitting on his lap. Harry has a comfortable lap i gotta say. "your pretty hot too you know" i looked Harry in the eyes and pecked his lips. "so how do you guys know each other?" i asked them. "actually we just meet." Josh said. "ohh" i laughed. my phone vibrated. "its my mom, ill be back kay?" Harry nodded and i walked away. "are you with Harry?" "no i just left to answer. why?" "get him and go where no one is around." "why?" "Emily. just do it!" "okay hold on."  "Harry come real fast." i said. "for what?" "i dont know my mom doesnt tell me." he nodded "we'll be back in a sec" he looked at Josh. Josh just nodded. "okay mom,no ones around. Now what hap-" "CONGRATULATIONS! OH MY GOD YOUR BOTH IN!!" everyone yelled at the same time. me and Harry looked at each other and smiled. "thanks." we both said. "well come meet up with us in about 10 minutes, were going somewhere." Anne said. "okay" Harry replied back. Harry faced me, looking deep into my eyes. "i didnt get to say congratulations properly. so congrats!" he smiled. his hands were on my waist and i pulled him in for a hug. a long cute hug. i pulled away and i leaned in for a kiss. i was thinking it was only going to be another peck. but boy was i wrong! he started kissing back. he licked my bottom lip asking for entrance and i gladly let him. i then did the same to him, he didnt let me in right away though  i had to fight my way to get through. i bit his lip and pulled away. i grabbed him hand "cmon" he was just smiling staring at me. "what?" i asked. "nothing. just i could kiss you all day." "me to." i smiled back. "hey Josh, sorry we gotta go. but whats your number? ill call you up sometime" Harry said. when we got his number we went to go look for our families. when we found them. "congratulations! were going out to eat to celebrate!" me and Harry hugged everyone and said thanks. once again i hugged Nick again. "i told you, you could do it." "thanks" "where are we going?" "well actually, were just going out to Subway right now." me and Harry looked at each other confused. we both thought we were going to go to a fancy restaurant.  i guess not. oh well. "because after,  were going to go home and pack." "pack for what?" i scrunched my eyebrows up. "Were celebrating by going to London! Were leaving tomorrow at 10 so we can be there by at least 1." Robin explained. "oh my god are you serious?!" i always wanted to o to London. and now i am. "how long are we stay-" i paused. i heard someone singing Let Me Love You by Mario. since we were still inside there were TVs everywhere. i looked up. his name is Zayn. he has the most beautiful voice ive ever heard. everyone was staring at me like i was crazy because i was to focused on the TV. hes going to get far in music. hes only a year older than me and Harry. hes 17. i started to walk back into the constent room. "emily where are you going!?" My mom screamed. "ill be back." he was still on TV. and he got 3 yeses. "your Zayn right?" "yeah, do i know you?" he asked. "no, but i just heard your audition, god, your voice is amazing." "thanks, did you audition to?" "yeah" "what song are you thru?" "Use Somebody by Kings Of Leon, and yeah i got 3 yeses. hey, we'll talk more at bootcamp yeah? i gotta get going." "yeah." i walked away. "what was that for?" Nick asked wen i got back to them. "no-" i felt a tap on my shoulder. it was Zayn. "i never got your name" he said smiling. "oh sorry, im Emily!" he came closer "your cute Emily." he whispered in my ear, loud enough for only me to hear. "thanks, so are you" i winked at him. "i gotta go, see you around." Zayn nodded and walked off. "hey Harry, whens bootcamp start?" "2weeks why?" "well hose 2 weeks need to hurry up!" "why?" my mom asked. "no reason," i replied. i cant wait until those 2 weeks. im sure going to get to know Zayn.

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