Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



2. 2. Whats wrong?

The first week of school were pretty decent conserding that we stayed in one room the whole day expect when we would go to lunch. Me and Vicky got close to Kyle over that time. We would always get yelled at by Mrs.Lopez because we would start cracking up loud as hell randomly, which would make us only laugh more. "Finally today we switch classes and get to start the penn-pal stuff" i thought to myself as i dressed myself for the day today. "EMILY! are you almost done? you still have to eat your breakfast" my mom called from the bottom of the stairs. "Yeah mom im just putting my shoes on." Me and my mom were super close and i told her almost everything. after i finished eating i put my sweater on ad got my bookbag, ready for my mom to drive me to school. "mom, did i tell you that were going to have penn-pals in school?" "no honey you didnt" "ohh well were starting today because were bearly swithing classes today, everyone is complaining about it, even vicky, and im actually really excited about doing it" "good, do you guys get to choose your penn-pals?" "No Mrs.Lopez is assigning it to us. but she said that no one is going to have one from here, theyre all from around the world." "that should be interesting then" "Yeahh i knoww... byee mom ill see you later" i said as i got off the car. when we got to homebase me vicky and kyle got together as usual and talked the whole time. "i didnt wanna come to school today, especially because we start the penn-pal thing today in here."vicky started to complain "i wanted to come im really excited." i told her. "yeah its actually sounds decent" kyle said. vicky jut rolled her eyes. "dude why dont you wanna do this? it seems like it really bothers you" i addressed her kinda irreated. "Nothing. its just lame." she smaked back with an attitude. "dude why are you mad?" kyle said back. "why do you care?" with that she walked away. "whats up with her?" kyle looked at me in a questioning. "i have no idea, shes been acting like this since Mrs.Lopez told us were going to have penn-pals..". he just nodded in return. after she took attendance the bellrang so i was off to my 1 period class.   

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