Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



19. 19. Dinner with the Styles family

 "Hello, Im Eva" my mom held out her hand leading Harry's family into the house. "Hello, im Anne." "Hi, Im Gemma, Harry's sister." "Robin, Harry's stepdad" "Hey everyone, im Emily!" me and Harry walked in the living room. "Hi, im Nick" he awkwardly walked in, "and im Andrew, Nick's father." "well now that were done with greetings, i will go finish making the food, Anne would you like to join me?" my mom looked at Anne. "of course!" Anne was a nice lady, i lie er already. "Robin, let go into the other room" Andrew and Robin walked away. "Gemma, would you like to go to my room? or go to Nick's and be with him and Harry?" i turned to Gemma. she had been quiet this hole time, and i want to get to know her, about her, shes really pretty, she had on light brown skinny jeans, a white vneck with a black leather jacket and combat boots with her hair curled. "it doesnt matter" she said and concentrated on anything else but me. whats up with her? Nick and Harry had already went up to Nicks room. "okay, lets go to my room so we can get to know each other first, then we'll go to Nick's room to be with him and Harry." she nodded and i walked up the stairs to my room. "nice room" she complemented, "thanks." "Well im Gemma, and i have better places to be then here right now. what else would you like to know?" she spat rudely at me. "uhm, im Emily. Lets to go Nick's room instead." "good, id rather be with Harry and him then with you" i dont think i was suppose to hear that, but oh well. Nick and Harry were on the Ps3 sitting on the floor, laughing like usual. i couldnt help but notice that Gemma was looking straight at Nick with a huge smile plastered on her face. does she like Nick? i sat on Nick's bed and went on Facebook on my phone. i had a message from Josh, 'Hey Emily! how is it over there so far? are you good? and tell Nick to message me when he has a chance! thanks!' "Nick, Josh said to message him when you can" "on what? facebook?" "yeah i guess." "So are you and Emily brother and sister?" Gemma asked looking at Nick still with that huge smile on her face. is she flirting with him? i mean were only 16 and shes like 19. "no actually were bestfriends, our parents are just dating." his eyes not leaving the tv screen. Harry gave Gemma the controller and came to sit on the bed with me. "So are you still auditing for XFactor?" he asked. "as long as you are." "well i am, have you filled out your regurgitation form online yet?" he asked. "no, i dont know anything about that" "cmon" he led me to my room and i closed the door behind us. he got sat on my bed and opened up the XFactor website. "here" he handed me my laptop. i had to fill out basic information lie my name, what town i was auditing at, my email, birthday, and a phone number. i finished and submitted the information. "have you submitted yours?" "yeah i did it last night" is accent was perfect. i wonder how long it'll take us to get rid of our American accent. "Nick, Harry, Emily, Gemma! food ready!" i heard my mom yell. i grabbed Harry's hand that was on his lap and i accidentally touched his dick. i looked up at him and looked back at me i started to laugh and he did too. "im not saying sorry cuz im not" i was still laughing "so you did it on purpose?" he raised an eyebrow still laughing as well. "no it was an accident" i smiled up at his face who was already smiling at me. "maybe i didnt want you to apologize  he walked closer to me with a smirk on his face. "ah, the thing is i never did" i took a step closer. "technically you did" he closed the space between us. he looked into my eyes then down to my lips. i did the same to him. he leaned in. his lips were soft. our lips moved in sync with one anthers. the kiss was  passionate. "Cmon Ema-" Nick walked in my room. neither one of us pulled away. Nick cleared his throat, "We'll be downstairs." i broke the kiss. "we should go eat" i was cheesy. he nodded, i couldnt help but notice how cheesy we both were. "hmm it smells good, what did your mom make?" Harry asked walking down the stairs. "Pozole" i responded "is that American?" "no, actually its Mexican" my mom and Anne were serving the plates. my mom gave me mine just how i like it. plain, just with salt and lime. "how do you want your Hun?" Anne asked Harry and Gemma. "Ill get it like Emily" Harry answered. "me too" Gemma said, "Nick, how about you?" "Same as them" Nick answered, we got out plated and went to sit down. Me, Harry, Nick and Gemma sat on the bar counter and Anne, Robin, Andrew and my mom sat in the table. there was salt, sour cream and  tostadas on both tables. i got the spoon form the sour cream and spread it on the tostada then put salt on it, Nick did the same. Harry gave me a confused look. "whats that for?" he asked pointing to the tostada. "you eat it with the Pozole" "what do you guys want to drink?" Nick asked in from of the fridge, "is there Kool-Aid already made? or Horchata?" "yeah and theres pop." "do you guys want pop, kool-aid or horchata?" Nick asked Harry and Gemma. "whats horchata?" Harry attempted to say it. "its rice water" i replied. "and whats pop?" Gemma asked confused. and Harry nodded. "uhm its soda" Nick said. "and whats soda?" Harry replied. Nick took out the pop from he fridge and showed them. "ohh thats a fizzy drink" hey said unison. "thats what its called here?" "yeah" "nick, get me what ever your getting." he served us both horchata. he took 2 extra cups, he pop and the kool-aid back to the counter since neither Harry or Gemma said what they wanted. i sat next to Harry so he asked me if he could taste the horchata. "this is good" he said  "yeah i know" i laughed. he served himself some while Gemma got kool-aid. we all started talking. i was surprised Gemma was even talking to me from what happened earlier. all 4 of us finished eating at the same time and we went to the living room. i turned on the TV and soccer was on, Mexico was playing against Manchester United. i love both teams, but Mexico is m favorite. "what! how is Manchester loosing!" Harry complained. "good theyre loosing, Mexico has to win" i replied and Nick nodded. "you watch football?" Harry looked at me. "no, only when Bears are playing, but why did you bring football up when were watching soccer not football?" i asked confused. "soccer? oh right, thats what Americans call it." he replied "ohh, i forgot its called Football over here" i said. just then the adults came in. "Emily, your mother was telling me how your auditioning for XFactor with Harry" Anne spoke to me. "yeah, were going together." i said back. "you know auditions are tomorrow right?" "what! i thought it was like next week!" "no" she laughed. "theyre tomorrow." "were going out to the store to buy tshirts to make for tomorrow, we'll be back in a while" my mom said. Her, Anne, Robin and Andrew walked out the door. Andrew with Robin and Anne and my mom together. they all seem to get along just fine. i mean all they do is laugh and talk non stop. "Harry, come with me, im going to pick out my outfit for tomorrow" i looked at him. Nick and Gemma had already changed the channel so me and Harry werent interested in what they were watching. they were talking and laughing so we just got up and left. i waled out of my bathroom with floral shorts and a loose tanktop tucked in on. "this?" i asked spinning."what else you got?" i went into my closet and picked out a pair of black skinny jeans, a white tanktop, and a blue lettermen jacket. i went into my bathroom and tried this on. "i like the first one better" Harry said when i walked in. "Harry go in my bottom drawer and get me some pjs while i put this away." he nodded and got up. he had some in his hands and i went to see what he picked me out. he got my short colorful cheetah print shorts and a tanktop. the shorts are really short. i looked up a him. "really?" i asked laughing. "yes, its sexy." he said serious looking into my eyes. "out it on, you'll change in a bit." he said, still serious, looking deep into my eyes. i walked into my bathroom and changed into what he picked out for me, when i walked out i went to my door and locked it. i could feel Harry's state was at my ass. he was seated on my bed so i pushed him back so he was laying on his back. i climbed over him and leaned down closing my eyes. i attached his fluffed, pink lips to mine. within seconds we were in a full make out session. he flipped me over so he was now on top of me. we kept going at it. we were both out of breath so we pulled apart. when i got off my bed Harry smacked my ass, i turned to him and started laughing. i grabbed a pair of sweatpants and put them over the shorts, and a star wars shirt and slipped that over my tanktop.  "you know you look sexier in what you had on a second before." he brought me into a hug slipping his hands down so he was grabbing my ass now. "cmon lets go downstairs." i grabbed his hand leading the way. "Nick, Gemma want some ice cream?" "sure" they both said. i got ice cream for myself and Nick, while Harry got some for him and Gemma. right when we sat down my mom, Anne, Robin and Andrew came in the door laughing. they had a couple of bags in their hands. "kids go downstairs while we make the stuff" Anne announced. "but we dont have anything downstairs yet." Nick said looking at my mom. "go look" Andrew said.  we nodded and went down the stairs. there was a pool table, a soccer table game, a flat screen tv with a ps2. "Whoa when did they get all this?" i rhetorically asked Nick. "exactly what i was thinking" he replied. we went straight to the soccer table game. me and harry on a team against nick and gemma. we 2 rounds of that and pool. me and harry lost at both. thats right before we were called back upstairs. when we walked upstairs i noticed that their were 2  duffle bags on the floor. when did those get there? Anne and my mom were turned opposite of us. "whats going on?" i asked. Anne and my mom turned around. they had on white tshirts with the XFactor logo on it. they said "We think Harry and Emily have the XFactor." "oh my god! thats so cute!" i said. "Robin and Andrew have one to."Anne said smiling. "Nick, Gemma do you guys want one?" my mom turned to them. they both nodded. "what are those for?" Nick pointed to the duffle bags on the floor. "oh right we almost forgot, Anne, Robin, Gemma and Harry are sleeping over so we can leave all together tomorrow my mom said. "you kids can all sleep downstairs, on the couches or put blankets on the floor." Andrew nodded his head towards us. we walked downstairs and put a whole bunch of blankets and pillows on the floor. "are we all sleeping on the floor?" i asked. "yeah i guess" nick answered. "Gemma want some pjs?" i asked her. she nodded. "ima go change into some too, wanna borrow some Harry?" Nick looked at Harry. he nodded. we all walked all the way upstairs to get the stuff. while Gemma was changing, i brushed my teeth and put my hair up. "Look, Emily, im sorry about earlier, i was just sad. lets start over yeah?" Gemma sat up from my bed as i walked out the bathroom. "yeah, i was hoping." i laughed. "hay do you have another toothbrush i could have?" Gemma asked, "yeah top drawer under the sink." "thanks". it was 11 and we decided to get to sleep since were leaving at 4am tomorrow. me and Harry snuggled up to each other, while Nick and Gemma were snuggled up together. although, me and Harry were closer. his hands rested on my waist and mine were on his chest. thats all i remember before i fell into  deep sleep.

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