Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



18. 18. Day out

 When i woke up it was 10:00. Nick was in my room talking. i assumed he was talking on the phone with my mom or Andrew. i got up and picked out clothes so i can go have a shower. when i walked past Nick i noticed he was on Skype with Harry. well they're hitting it off.  "Hey Harry" i said walking up to my laptop. "Im gonna go shower" i told Nick walking off. i checked the weather and i was pretty chilly. i got a pair of black skinny jeans my undies and bra, i went into Nick's room and grabbed his red and black Hollister long sleeved plaid shirt. when i got out the shower i ended putting on a black tank-top under the plaid shirt. Nick was still in my room Skyping with Harry. and it was already 10:45. at least they get along. i walked in to my room to put on my socks and black combat boots on. "Hey is that my shirt?" Nick asked laughing. i nodded. "Did you eat already?" i asked. "We can go to the bakery i work at, the owner will hook us up" Harry said. i nodded and got a couple pounds because i wasnt going to accept it for free. i went into my bathroom to brush my teeth and straighten my hair. Nick was already dressed. he had on a grey Nike hoodie, dark wash jeans and a pair of grey Jordan 7s. it was already 11:45 and i was ready so i went to go look for my mom and Andrew around the house. "Mom?" i yelled since i couldnt find her. "Se went out to the store" Andrew called out from the room next to me. "what store?" i asked. "the grocery store and the phone company so we can switch by next week." i nodded and got out the room. i walked back up to my room and got my black zip up Hollister sweater. "ready to go?" Nick asked. "yeah" "alright, Harry's meeting us up about a block down." "kay lets go" when we got out the door my mom had barely pulled into the driveway. "where are you guys going?" she had a curious look on her face. "remember i told you were hanging out with Harry today?" she thought for a moment before nodding and saying "oh yeah. have fun of you two." we nodded and walked away. a few minutes we finally spotted Harry. all i have to say is he is even hotter in person then over Skype. holy shit. 

~~~~HARRY POV~~~~~~

Emily. god. shes even prettier in person.i cant wait to get to know her more. on the oter hand, Nick isnt a too bad looking kid either. god now i noticed im staring at Emily, she has a huge smile spread across her face. nick is just standing there all awkward. "Hey Emily! Nick!" i finally spoke out. 

~~~~~EMILYS POV~~~~~~~~~~

"Hey Emily! Nick!" harry said breaking the silence. "hey harry!" i said going in for a hug. when we broke the hug apart i looked into Nick's eyes and say a little jealousy and excitement. "did you guys end up eating?" Harry asked us. "no" Nick said. "okay, cmon lets go up to the bakery" me and Nick just nodded and followed Harry. "Emily, do you have your ipod?" Nick asked. "Yeah why?" "put some music on." i grabbed my ipod out my pocket. The Day I Left The Womb by Escape the Fate came on. i had my ipods music set to shuffle. "oh my god i love this song!" i said. Nick gave me a smile, when ever he did that, that meant that he wanted me to sing.

"Mother, where are you today?

You took a piece of me the day you went away. 
No recollection nor the smell of your perfume; 
I took a piece of you the day I left the womb.
The day I left the womb.

Brother, put your needles down.
The best thing for you is to leave this awful town.
Pretty soon, you'll have kids to feed.
If you see mother, tell her I can sing.

Please don't worry, I am doing fine.
You're much to busy to even find the time. 
So use your chemicals and take this to your grave; 
The boys you left are men you didn't raise.

And Daddy, how are you today?
You must be proud of the boys that you have raised.
Your withered heart, and everything it's seen, 
Your cuts and calloused hands, you had kids to feed.
You had kids to feed.

Please don't worry, I am doing fine. 
You're much to busy, to even find the time. 

So use your chemicals and take this to your grave; 
The boys you left are men you didn't raise."

i sang the whole song. its a really sad song. its on  of my favorites by Escape The Fate. Harry just stood there, with his mouth open. "y-yyour a really good singer" harry was still there surprised. "ive been told" i said turning to Nick. the next song that on was Isnt She Lovely by Stevie Wonder. i love this song so much.

"Isnt she lovely,

Isnt she wonderful,

Isnt she precious,

Less than one minute old, and i never thought through love we'd be,

making one as lovely as she, but isnt she lovely made from love?" Harry sung along. me and Nick both stood there, with our jaws probably touching the ground. "dude that was good" Nick said. "Harry, t-that was amazing" i also said. "ive been told" he mocked me. we all started laughing. "no for real harry, your really good, you should audition for that show. X Factor." i replied "i dont know, i mean im already in a band" "what are you guys called?" nick asked. "White Eskimo" Harry answered them. "harry, you HAVE to audition" i said sternly. "fine if you do i will" Harry said looking back and fourth at me and Nick.  "fine, when is registration?" "2 days. and the actual audition on April 11." i nodded in response. "let go get something to eat" i said changing the subject. "the bakery is up the block" Harry said. when we got to the bakery the store owner refused to accept my money since Harry is with us. when we left the bakery it was 12:30. we ate inside there and were talking and laughing non stop. when we got outside it had gotten a little bit colder. "Hey, what if we go back to our house and play PS3 or Xbox. im way too cold to be walking right now." i suggested to Harry. "yeah, bro you should" Nick pitched in. "hold on let me call and ask my mom." me and Nick nodded. "hes pretty cool right?" i looked at Nick. "yeah, hes decent." "my mom said yeah, but i have to be home at 7 for dinner." "okay" i said. within 10 minutes we were in the front yard of our house. "damn this house is huge" Harry started at the house. "yeah its pretty big" i commented back. i pulled my keys out and opened the door.  "want something to drink?" i asked Harry. "do you have water?" "yeah, bottle or glass?" "glass" he said. "Harry, you wanna play xbox or ps3?" nick asked Harry. "doesn't matter" he replied. "im gonna hook up the xbox in my room em kay?" Nick looked at me and walked away. When me and Harry walked into the kitchen my mom and Andrew were in there. "hello there, you must be Harry" my mom look at him. "yes i am, and you are?" harry asked my mom with the most polite voice ive ever heard. "im emilys mom" she said with a serious face and her and Harry started laughing. "no im playing, im Eva." "nice to meet you Eva." i got his water and handed it to him. "hey honey who do you live with?" my mom asked Harry. "mom, thats weird." Harry laughed and answered "my mum, sister and step dad" "okay, call your mom and ask her if she your sister, and step dad would like to come over for dinner at around 6" "okay ill call her right now" he said. "and this is Andrew, Nicks dad." i said turning to Andrew. "Nice to meet you Andrew, im Harry." "hello harry, nice to meet you too." "cmon harry" i nudged him up the stairs. "you wanna play xbox or ps3?" "it doesnt matter" he chuckled. "the ps3 is in my room, and Nick is hooking up the xbox in his." "lets go to on the Xbox first then the ps3?" he suggested. "sure" when we got inside Nicks room i took my sweater and boots off. Nick on the otherhand was practically naked. he changed out of his jeans to sweatpants and was shirtless. "Nick put this on" i tossed him a shirt that was on his bed. "i was going to out that on right now you know" he winked at me. i gave him a look saying not now. "sorry bro" he turned to Harry with his shirt already on. "its cool" Harry said. harry and nick were in a deep conversation laughing like crazy while using the xbox. i slipped out to talk to my mom. she was i the living room with Andrew watching tv. "hey mom, im auditioning for X Factor with harry, i have to go register in two days and the actual audition is April 11" my mom and Andrew both started at me with confused looks. "Emily, what is xFactor?" Andrew asked me while my mom nodded. i guess they didnt know what xfactor was. "its a singing competition thing. i agreed to go if Harry auditioned." "can he sing?" my mom asked "yeah, he has an amazing voice." i said. "okay" they both said, "what time do we have to go to register?" andrew asked me. "i have no idea. ill search it up later" they nodded and i walked back up to Nick's room; but they werent in there. they probably went to my room to go on the ps3. i was on the doorframe of my room. the ps3 was on, but they werent using it. instead they were in my bra an undies drawer laughing hysterically. "what you guys doing?" i asked trying to be serious. they turned around and were pale. and i mean pale. with their mouths open, they exchanged looks then looked back at me. i couldnt help it anymore i started cracking up. "uhmm" Harry trailed off. i nodded my head laughing and sat on the floor to play the ps3. "ima call my mom" Harry said. "hey mom...yeah im at their house...yeah....were playing the ps3.... actually their mom said if you guys could all come over here and have dinner here...6...okay love you bye" "tell your mom that my family will be over around 6:30" "MOM, Harrys family is coming over around 6:30 for dinner!" i yelled instead of going downstairs. harrys face winced from my screaming. "you'll get used to it after a while" Nick turned to harry. "yeah, i yell a lot" "Okay hun" my mom yelled back. "is that where you get it from?" harry turned to me. "yeah, i guess" i laughed.   time flied by when we were playing, it was now 3 and we all started getting hungry. "ima bring food and pop kay?" i said walking out of my room. i went to the kitchen to find my  mom making Pozole. "yes, finally. you havent made this in forever." i told my mom while getting a whole bunch of pop and chips. "you guys hungry?" my mom asked laughing. "very" i walked back upstairs. "dang Emily, seems like you havent ate since you were born" Harry said and Nick started laughing. "is it really that much?" "yeah" nick laughed. it was already 6 and nick left my room so he could go change into more proper clothes. i still had on my outfit from earlier and i choose not to change it. Harry walked into my bathroom to use the restroom and when he walked out the doorbell rang. Well i guess his family is here.

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