Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



17. 17. New home


 the car ride home from the airport to our new house took a little less then 3 hours. it was already Saturday  here in Holmes Chapel. the taxi pulled into the houses driveway. i was surprised at how big the property was. there was a huge circular driveway with a patch of grass in the middle. the house was black and white, it looked like a typical English house. the garage was farther back than the house but looked the same. all the doors were brown. the  inside of the house was just amazing. it has 5 bedrooms and 6 bathroom. a bathroom in every room and one on the main floor. the living room had white carpet with white walls, red furniture and a huge fireplace, with a flat screen on the wall. the kitchen  was huge, it had hardwood floors, all the furniture in there was black and white. simple but nice. my moms and Andrews room was the biggest room in the house. the carpet was red and the wall was lined up with wood drawers on the wall. also their bathroom was amazing, it had red carpet but they're going to change it to black tiles. my room had light pink carpet and white walls. the bed was a queen size with a white duvet and floral pillows. in front of my bed was a light brown desk with shelves and on it was a new black laptop. there was a pink couch in there with a British flag over it. and my closet was huge! Nicks room had hardwood floor with a blue carpet in front of his queen sized bed. his duvet was grey with different shaded of blues in stripes. there is a huge shelf on his wall so he can put what ever on it. also he had a light brown desk with shelves but instead of a black laptop he had a white one. both of out bathrooms were all white. the other bedrooms were pretty much the same.  they had a really pretty sad of brown for walls, a king sized bed with white duvet covers and white drawers. the bathrooms were also all white. the yard is huge, it has a little garden and a pond. the house is amazing. "hey mom what happened to all of our furniture?" "we sold them all, thats how we got all of these new things, how do you like your room?" "i love it. thanks" i went to go look for Nick. i found him in the basement. he was watching a movie on the projector. not to mention there were 3 different game machines down there. i really wonder how they afforded all of these things.  "hey, what movie is this?" i asked him. "Kick Ass" when the movie ended i decided to finally take my suitcases up to my room and put my stuff away. i turned on my laptop and left Skype open. i slipped into some pj's and i went to see if Harry was online. it was only 5 pm right now so it wasnt too late. i was surprised that he was on before i could click on it he had already sent me one. 

"Hey Emily!" he yelled.

"Hey harry!" i yelled back equally a excited.

"Your finally on!" 
"yeah we just got to our new house a couple hours ago and we just got settled in. its really nice around here!"

"where did you move to now?" he asked.

"lets just say a couple hours from London." 

"WHAT! YOU LIVE IN ENGLAND NOW!?!" he asked excitedly.

"yeah" i laughed 

"what part?!" he kept throwing questions at me

"a little town three hours from London."

 "gosh Emily! what town!?" i think i kept him waiting long enough

"the little town is called....something like..."

"Emily!" oh god i was laughing so hard right now

"I live in Holmes Chapel."

"no for real where did you move?"

"harry, im being for real!"

"whats your address then?" i told him 

"What! you live there? that house is amazing! its really beautiful inside!"

"yeah i do. and yeah it really it, i cant believe my mom and Andrew bought that house."

"Whos Andrew?" he asked, i had forgot i hadn't told him anything about Andrew and Nick yet. "Hey Em!" i heard Nick yell. "What?" "Be ready by 7:30 were going out to eat at 8" he yelled back. "okay" i simply yelled back. 

"whos that?" Harry asked 

"oh, hes my bestfriend, well now i guess you could say he's my bother"

 "oh. and whos Andrew?" 

"hes Nicks dad. my mom and him have been dating for a little over a year and me and Nick didnt know until a couple weeks ago. and now, well were living together." 

"what happened to your real dad?" he asked. i guess he noticed i got upset at the mention of my dad. 

"oh my god Emily, im sorry" 

"no its fine. i dont wanna talk about it." 

"Hey are you gonna shower?" Nick asked walking into my room. he came up to my laptop and looked at Harry. 

"uhh yeah i am. Hey Harry ill talk to you tomorrow yeah?" 

"yeahh, bye" wow was that awkward. 

"whos that Harry kid?" i think i herd a bit of jealousy in his voice. I mean, Harry is really hot no doubt about it, and so is Nick. But no. not Nick, hes about to be my brother!

"remember how i told you about the penn-pal i had back in Chicago? thats him"

"oh" was all he said back. "well ima shower" i stated. he walked out and i got a pair of skinny jeans and my Mickey Mouse crewneck. i took a hot shower. when i got out i washed my face and brushed my teeth. i was going to leave my hair down to be natural so i would have to blow dry it and straighten it later. i paired my outfit with my white converse. i put on light makeup, also my favorite necklace. it was a special necklace. my dad gave it to me when i was little. i wear it everyday. i only take it off when i shower.  it was my silver paper airplane necklace. and i put on my simple light pink infinity bracelet. it was 7:30 and i went downstairs to find everyone waiting for me. we got in the car and drove off to Apple Bees. "hey mom what are you gonna make to eat tomorrow?" "i was thinking tacos de carne asada?" "we havent had those in forever!" "i know i know" the waiter came over to the table and took our orders i got the chicken broccoli alfredo and a Sprite. Nick got a burger and a Pepsi. my mom and Andrew both got steak and my mom got a margarita and Andrew got a beer. "mom what are we doing tomorrow?" "you and Nick can do what ever. were going to redecorate the house a little and buy for stuff for it why?" "i was wondering if i could maybe hang out with Harry and get to know the town a little better" "yeah, sure go ahead." "what are you going to do tomorrow Nick?" Andrew asked. "hook up the ps3 why?" "Emily. aren't you going to tell Nick if he wants to go." my mom said. "i kind of figured he would come.." i said.  "well are you Nick?" Andrew asked. "i dont know. maybe if i finish hooking up the ps3 early" the conversation dropped there since the waiter brought out food. Andrew and my mom were in a deep conversation. "nick. your coming with me tomorrow." "where?" "with Harry. i want you to get to know him. hes really cool and funny." "i dont know, i dont know him.." he trailed off "thats why your going so he can be your first English friend" "alright i guess, what time?" "ill tell him around 12" he just nodded in response. it was now 8:45 when we left Apple Bees. we got home around 9:15, i went straight to my room and change into pjs. then i went to take out my ps2 so i can connect it and play right now. Nick came in and sat on my bed. "you know i gonna miss cuddling with you right?" he said. i was still getting all the cables out the box and i stopped. "Nick. we cant anymore." "why not" he said it more as a statement then a question. i sighed "you know i want to cuddle too. but we have to treat each other like were blood now." "today? please?" he asked hopeful. "fine today, after today we cant anymore" "okay" by now i was done hooking up my ps2 and i put in San Andreas for 2 players. we played until it was 10:45. "im tied im gonna go to sleep but ima check if Harry is online so i can tell him about tomorrow" he nodded and continued to play. to my surprise Harry was actually on. i clicked on his icon and he answered right away. "hey Harry are you busy tomorrow?" "Hey Em. no im not, why?" "wanna hang out with my and Nick tomorrow and help us to get to know the town a little more?" "yeah sure what time?" "12?" i asked "perfect." Nick came up to the screen. "hey im Nick" he said with a smile "Harry" he smiled back. they started to talk so i went to turn on the ps2 and go brush my teeth and put my hair up.  when i walked into the bathroom i heard Nick and Harry both start laughing. so i guess there friends now. good. "nick im going to sleep, go to your room if your gonna keep talking. Bye Harry" "im getting tired too. Aye bro we'll talk tomorrow yeah?" Nick said. "yeah mate see you tomorrow" i heard Harry's accent say through the screen. i cant wait to finally see him in person. and hear that accent in person. oh god. hes so hot. "ima go put on some pajamas." nick told me. i turned the lights off in my room and got under the sheets. nick went to brush his teeth in my bathroom meanwhile he was doing that i grabbed my phone and put an alarm for 11. nick came out right when i finished setting the alarm and got in the bed next to me. he immediately wrapped his arms around my wait and brought me close to his body. he grabbed my hand and interlocked our fingers and our legs. he fell asleep before me and i fell asleep soon after me.  


{this is the house--> }

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