Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



16. 16. Hotel


the airport is about 30 minutes away from my house but there was no traffic so we got there in about 20 minutes. we stayed at the Hilton Hotel. fancy hotel i gotta say. when we walked inside my mom and Andrew went to the front desk to collect the keys. they got two so i figured me and my mom were gonna share and Nick and Andrew were going to share. "our rooms are next to each other, if you need anything come knock on the door" Andrew said handing me and Nick a card key for the hotel room. "wait so were sharing a room?" i asked confused. "yeah, think you can handle it?" my mom spoke up. "yeah.." "well good." when the elevator door opened i checked the room number. me and Nick got room 317 and my mom and Andrew got room 316. when we walked into the hotel and the first thing i notices was how huge it was. i was in awh. i could tell Nick was too. both our mouths literally dropped. the room was gorgeous. well the whole place was amazing. just jaw dropping. i was about to go into the bedroom but i headed back to get clothes so i can have a shower. i got my Batman fleece pj shorts with a  Batman shirt, i decided to match with a matching Batman bra and boy shorts. "hey nick ima take a quick shower" "mind if i join you?"  he winked. "i rather be alone" i said laughing. he just laughed and nodded. when i got out the shower it was about 10. i put my phone and ipod to charge so they can be fully charged on the plane ride. Nick was it the kitchen eating so i decided to join him. we finished eating and we both went to brush our teeth and i put my hair up in  a bun. "im kinda tired, so ima go to sleep" i said "yeah me too" we walked into the room and there were two king sized beds. "share?" i suggested. "i was hoping" he said with a cheeky smirk. i went to take my phone and ipod off charging since they were now fully charged and hoped into the bed with Nick. he was already laying down, i was in a cuddling mood tonight so i went under the covers and hugged Nicks body close to mine. and he hugged me back. i closed my eyes trying to go to sleep. its been 10 minutes and im still awake. god dammit. "em you still awake?" "uhmm hmm" he didnt say anything else. but i felt a pair of soft lips on my own. his kiss was full of lust. is it wrong to kiss your bestfriend? and hes practically my brother now too.. i wanted to pull away but found myself wanting more and more. its been about 5 minutes of a deep make out session and i suddenly pulled away. its not right to kiss him. but i felt something? or is it just my mind playing with me? "uhm sorry emily" "its fine, i just dont think we should do this now, especially since were basically siblings now..." "i know.. i just wanted to do that for so long now..." he whispered the last part. "you did?" i asked. "yeah. hey lets get some sleep. for get it ever happened yeah?" "yeah, night." he dozed off right after. i was left thinking and replaying what just happened. what did he mean hes wanted to do it for so long now?i  just dont think this is the right time...i lost my train of thoughts as i fell asleep.---------

"Honey, Nick wake up!" i heard my mom yell. my body was still wrapped around Nicks body and our legs were intertwined. it seems really early. why did my mom wake us up now if the flight isnt until 3? "what time is it?" Nick asked my mom. gosh was his morning voice sexy. 'no emily, stop it. hes basically your brother now.' i thought to myself. "its 11, get up and eat something, we have to be at the airport early." at the thought of the airport i thought of Harry. i wonder how hes doing. god how i missed talking with him, especially over Skype. i cant wait to surprise him!  ahhh! im even more excited now! after we finished getting ready and eating we were off to the airport. my mom turned on the radio and i sang along to every song. i knew them all by heart since they were on replay all the time. Nick and Andrew stared at me with there mouths open. "i didnt know you were a singer" Andrew said. "yeah, same" Nick replied. "well i am." my mom just smiled. we were there in about 15 minutes due to traffic. when i saw the huge LAX sign i couldnt help but get happier, here i come Harry!  when we got inside we went through security and the luggage thing. when we finished that, we all went to find a place to sit. i checked the time and it was 2:30. "FLIGHT 822 TO LONDON IS NOW BOARDING" i jumped out of my seat and screamed, you dont even know how excited i am! we were the first on the plane. my mom and Andrew sat next to each other as me and Nick sat next to each other.  soon after the plane was filled. "PLEASE BUCKLE UP AND TURN OFF ANY ELECTRICAL DEVICES. FLIGHT 822 TO LONDON IS NOW LEAVING." i yelled a little and Nick turned and gave me a weird face. an hour into the plane ride me and Nick did stop laughing. along with my mom and Andrew who were all lovey-dovey with each other. i took out my ipod and turned on 'Torn' by Natalie Imbrugalia. that song if literally perfect. i had that and Coldplay in reply. i never get tired of their music. about 4 hours later me and Nick got sleepy and fell asleep. i laid my head on Nicks shoulder and fell asleep almost immediately. "WE WILL BE BOARDING HEARTHROW AIRPORT I LONDON IN HALF AN HOUR. BUCKLE UP."  i woke up to the voice of the pilots voice. what! were about to land?!? that passed by so fast! Nick, my mom and Andrew were up already on their phones. i took out my ipod and played games. i heard the pilots voice over the intercom telling us were getting to Hearthrow in 5 minutes. god damn i cant wait to see Harry in person! you next i know were getting out luggage and walking off the plane into a taxi on our way to our new home. new life. starting fresh. 

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