Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



15. 15. School and Final Goodbyes

i woke  up and checked the time. it was 10:30. i decided to get up and take a shower. it was rather a quick shower. i got out at 11. i bushed my teeth and got out the bathroom to wake Nick up. he decided to shower also. meanwhile he was in the shower i picked out my outfit. i choose my black Bulls crewneck, with ripped skinny jeans, paired with my black,red and white Jordan 11s. once he walked out i literally gasped. he had on a grey Bulls pullover crewneck, with a pair of jeans matched with his white,red and black Jordan 4s, and a Bulls snapback. ironic you can say. "matching much?" he said laughing. "its just weird how we decided to wear almost the exact same thing, on the same day." "ironic huh?" "yeahh.." i said."hey its 11:35 we should go to school." i said. "do you know whos taking us?" "my mom. your dad is organizing something for the move." we walked downstairs to see my mom with her Bulls sweatpants on with her white Air Force 1s and a black North Face. she still hadn't noticed us. "looks like were all matching." my mom jumped and put her hand over here heart. then we all busted out laughing. "did you guys plan to wear practically the same thing today?" "no, actually we didnt. he walked out the bathroom like that when i was changed already. weird" "weirder how Andrew decided to wear his Bulls hoodie today too." "matching family you can say alright lets get going."  we got to school at 11:50. my mom just dropped us off since were going to hang out with with our friends until 4:30ish. we sat down on the concrete bench on the side of the school by where we used to get out. we talked and laughed unstop until the bell finally rang. people kept walking out but about 5 minutes later, the group of people we called not only our friends, but bestfriends walked out. "they still dont see us" i told Nick. "cmon" he said nudging me. when we finally got in front of them we yelled as loud as we could, catching everyone's attention. everyone was staring at us like we were crazy. on the other hand our friends started jumping on us and yelling more things. i heard a mixture of mostly, 'we thought yo guys died' 'why havent you guys came to school' 'why are you two together' 'why are yous matching' 'are you guys going out' me and Nick just laughed at the questions. "GUYS!" nick yelled getting their attention. "okay, we have something important to tell you guys..." i said. they all just started at us so we can say the news. did i mention their all guys? yeah not one single girl. "tell us already!" Jeremiah screams at us getting impatient. i leaned over and whispered something into Nicks ear. i told him that i was going to tell them that i was pregnant by him and that were both dropping out of school so we can raise the baby. Nick looked at me and started laughing but nodded. "okay..well...i dont really know how you guys are going to take it..." i trailed off. "what is it?" Sam yelled. " pregnant, and were dropping out of school so we can raise the baby." i said completely serious and Nick went behind me and put his hands around my waist. everyone stood there with the mouths open for a while. almost like they were starstruck. well i can only imagine what their thinking. they didnt say anything. quiet as a mouse. me and Nick couldnt take it anymore and just started laughing like crazy. "why are you guys laughing? a baby is something serious." they all said, practically together. "nah we were just playing. but we do need to tell you guys something for real tho." they all let out a sigh of relief.  "well?" they all spoke. "well..." Nick and I said. "were moving" he finally said. again we heard a lot of things like 'no your not' 'their lying again' 'why are they both moving' 'where are yous moving' 'are you guys moving intogether' "Listen, we have a lot to explain." i said. "yes, were moving in together." "congrats! i knew yous would end up going out!" Josh said clapping. "they are going out! see thats why their matching!" said Justin. "no. no its not like that." Nick stated laughing. "see, my mom and his dad have been dating for about a year. they didnt tell us until last week." i stopped what i was saying and took a deep breath. "and were moving.." Nick said sadly. "where to?" the whole group asked at the same time. they were curious now. "Were moving to Holmes Chapel, in Cheshire." me and Nick both said at the same time. "and where is that? like how far from here?" Joe asked with his eyebrows scrunched up. "its about 18 hours away.." "its not that bad" joe replied back. "by plane" Nick answered him. everyone gasped. they were speechless. "its about 3 hours away from London." i stated. "why are you guys moving all the way to England?" "well you see, my mom got a really good job offer. she got to choose between Holmes Chapel or somewhere else. and my mom choose Holmes Chapel." "you guys dont leave until the end of the year at least right?" John asked. "actually, we leave tomorrow. our flight is booked for 3pm at LAX" "and you guys decided to just tell us now?" Sam said. everyone else never said anything but kept gasping."we couldnt. we were busy packing." i said. "Hey, you kids have to get off school property now." Ms. Caudill told us. she was mine and Nicks favorite teacher. she didnt notice it was us until she came closer. "Emily! Nick! where have you guys been!" she said, she was young, only 28.  "actually Ms. Caudill, we've been busy packing." i replied. Nick just nodded. "packing? both of you?" "yeah, were actually moving." "together?" she asked confused. "long story short, my mom and  his dad date. my mom got offered a really good job in Holmes Chapel and were leaving tomorrow." "where is that?" she asked "about 3 hours outside of London." Nick said. "wow" she gasped. "ill miss you guys." with that she brought us into a huge bear hug and said "we'll ill let you guys go. Bye! hope you like it!" "thanks! bye!" i checked my phone and it was 12:45. "cmon guys. we could hang out until 4ish then we have to go home and get ready for tomorrow." i said. all the guys stood up. we walked around and got something to eat. at about 2 we went to our friends Josh's house. lets just say he lived in a mansion. we went into their movie room and watched a funny movie. it finished around 3. then we went into their basement to go to their indoor bowling ally. the house seems nice right? well you should see it inside. it was now 3:58 when i checked my phone. "nick we have to go since we needa walked" he nodded "alright guys. we have to go. we'll try to come visit in the future." "message me all the time on facebook! and Skype me!" they all suddenly looked sad. "you said you dont have to be home until 4:30ish why are you guys leaving so early?" Josh asked. "we have to walk home. our parents are busy and cant pick us up." i told him. "ill tell my mom to take you guys later" "are you sure its fine?" i asked "yeah no problem." "okay, then we can stay for a little while more" nick said with a huge grin on his face. "mind telling us why you guys are matching?" Justin asked us. everyone were on the Pinball or PacMan machine or watching TV on the couches they had. Justin was on the Pinball machine when he asked us, then everyone tuned to look at us. "i had picked the outfit out when i got out the shower and when he walked out the bathroom after he shower he had it on." i said laughing. "and her mom and my dad have on Bulls stuff today too." Nick added laughing. they just looked at us like we were dumb. we got into a huge conversation and we were all laughing. it as now 4:00. "hey Josh, do you think youre mom can take us now?" i asked. "yeh cmon." "Nick, cmon we gotta go." i went up to everyone and gave them a huge hug and told them again to Skype us and message us. they all nodded but looked upset at the same time. then nick told them his goodbyes. "ima miss you guys" i faked cried. they laughed and fake cried back. "yeah, ima miss you guys too" nick said cheekily. they all tackled him on the floor and started making fun of him. i just started laughing. they finally got off of him and said "were gonna miss you too bro. and our little emily!" they yelled laughing. we all got into a huge group hug. finally after that long goodbye, it was finally 4:15. 15 minutes saying goodbye? thats a meaningful bye. me, Josh and Nick walked upstairs and his mom said yeah. we got into her black Jaguar while everyone stayed back n Josh's. Josh and his mom were laughing non stop with me and Nick. honestly  she was like a second mom to all of us. not just me and Nick but to all of Josh's friends. when we got to my house it was exactly 4:29. just on time. "were gonna miss you Emma, and Josh!" i said getting out of the car. "keep in touch!" nick said. "Em, tell your mom to please stay in touch. im going to miss you guys so much!" Emma said.i just nodded. once we got inside we went straight into the kitchen. we were only eating junk food at Josh's. "Hey nick you want some ravioli?" "yeah" an hour later we finished eating and my mom and Andrew got home. me and nick were walking up to my room. when we open the door, we both gasped. "MOM! where the hell is all my stuff!?" i yelled at the top of my lungs. "in the hotel sweetie! now cmon lets go! were staying at a hotel for the night!" "a hotel?" nick said confused i was just as confused. "yeah, its about 10 minuted away from the airport, no lets go." Andrew this time answered. 

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