Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



14. 14. Movie night

i got the popcorn and soda out while my mom got the DVD player ready. right as i was about to sit down the doorbell rang. i got up again to answer it. it was Nick and Andrew. i actually thought they were going to be late. when they settled in the couch i checked the time and it was 8:16 PM. My mom and Andrew choose to watch  "Inception" first. all i have to say is that that movie is really good. the second movie we watched was "The Hangover". about 40 minute into the movie my mom said "Emily. Andrew are staying the night. is it okay if Nick sleeps in your room?" "yeah sure" "just dont do anything stupid" my mom and Andrew said at the same time. i blushed at the thought of them thinking that we would ever do something like that. i mean cmon were bestfriends. good thing the room was dark so no one could see me blush. "we wont" Nick simply stated back. "promise." i replied. "oh you guys gotta be up by 11:30 tomorrow so we can make it on time to the school" me and Nick just nodded as a response. when their was about 10 minutes left of the movie my phone vibrated. hmm wondered who texted me? i ignored it. once the movie finished it was 12:54 AM. me and nick decided to head up to my room, especially since my mom and Andrew were going to watch a movie from the old days. who wants to see a black and white movie when there are colored one now? right? when we got into my room Nick said "so where am i sleeping?" "on the floor" i joked  "cmon emily." he said. i just laughed and said "nah im playing. your sleeping with me." "as in the same bed?" he replied shocked. "yeah, why are you so shocked now? we've slept o the same bed before.." i trailed off. "plus were going to have to share a bed for the first couple days or weeks when we get to Holmes Chapel." "right, right i forgot about that." i walked into my bathroom to brush my teeth, put my hair up and use the bathroom. Nick went in after me and same out soon. i was on the beds headboard  using my ipod when my phone started to vibrate. oh right i forgot i had a message. it had an area code back from Chicago. and the number seemed familiar. i was going to ignore delete it until i suddenly got another message from that number. i guess ill check. when i opened it my mouth dropped. the message said

"Hey Emily. I want you to know that i still miss you to this very day. Ever since you left here, there doesnt go a day when i dont think about you. I still love you. Hope you do to. Anyways, where do you live now? My parents are letting me pick a vacation spot around the country. I want to visit you.


the first thing i thought of was how did he get my new number? why did he text me? why does he want to visit me? i sure in hell am not going to tell him. well maybe i should condescending im not going to be here in the summer anymore. Nick waked into the room saying something but stopped when he noticed i wasnt playing attention, nevertheless i look shocked and confused at the same time. "whats wrong?" he quickly asked. "nothing im fine." i fake smiled. it must of look real because he could usually see though my fake smiles. i checked the other message and it said "please. i miss you. i need to see you." i simply replied. "Im moving again. Out of the country. Dont bother me anymore. Leave me alone." i didnt bother asking how he got my number. i mean, as soon as we get to England we all have to change our numbers again, so there's no point in caring at the moment. me and Nick were talking for about another hour when we decided to call it a night. it was now about 2:30. i still wasnt tired though. nick went to flick the light switch off and i turned my phone, and ipods brightness at the lowest. i turned on my side on the right side of the bed, and Nick was just laying down on the left side. i was playing a game on m ipod when i suddenly felt a pair of hands around my waist. i jumped from how scared i got. "Jesus Christ Nick you scared the shit outta me!" "sorry" he mumbled. we always cuddled up to each other so it wasnt weird for us. i guess you could say its cute. maybe your thinking that we like each other? well, hes cute, but hes my bestfriend and will never be more. and im not really sure what he thinks. maybe just as bestfriends too. hopefully. hopefully just friends and nothing more. i was still on my ipod and me and Nick were just cracking up at everything. lets just say were really laughable people and laugh at everything haha. we were really cuddled up right now i bet you couldnt even fit a sheet of paper inbetween us. "hey what time is it?" Nick asked. "3:10 why?" "just wondering. hey, i think we should go to sleep." "yeah i guess but im still  not tired." "im not either. how about we go to sleep at 3:30?" he suggested. "sure". about 10 minutes later we got in the subject of kids. "how many kids do you want to have?" he curiously asked. "at least 4. maybe 5. but no less." "why not just 1? it supposedly hurts a lot when women go into labor." "never one. it sucks to be an only child. i was lonely most of my childhood. and i want my kids to have memories with their siblings." i stated back. "true. i at least want 3" "you dont have to do anything but create them tho" i said laughing. "i know, i get the easy part." he said back laughing. with that he got even closer to me, if thats even possible. "what age do you know..plan on having sex?" he asked "i really dont know. i dont really want it planned out. like it just happens you know? not for a while tho. you?" "same i guess. just with the right person." "exactly. i dont want any regrets. especially on the first time." "yeah." he simply said. "why?" i suddenly asked. "just wondering." he quickly replied  i just shrugged it off. "i wonder how it feels tho. i mean like for a girl. because i mean i heard its painful the first time." "if the guy really loves, he wont make it seems painful." "and hoe do you know?" "i just do." i didnt say anything back but i felt him become hard. since we both had on thin pajamas it was easy to feel. and especially since his dick was right on my ass. "hey nick?"i asked "whats up?" he said back "i can feel it ya know" he just laughed and said "i think its time to sleep. night" "Night" i said back. i fell asleep almost immediately. 

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