Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



13. 13. Dinner

i woke up and realized that it was Wednesday.  just today and tomorrow are left and we go to England! i just hope these two days pass by fast. i turned to check the time and it was 11:36 AM. it was a good time to be up so i walked downstairs to the kitchen and got something to eat. since all the pans and spatulas were already in a box, i just got a bowl of  fruit loops. i went back upstairs and ate in silence on my bed. i suddenly heard the front door slam and i got kinda scared. "Em, are you awake and have you eaten?" i was relieved hearing it was my moms voice. "yeah, and i already ate. im about to hop in the shower. why?" "good. be ready by 5. were going out." "where?" i ask confused. "Olive Garden with Andrew and Nick." i simply replied "kay" i turned my laptop on and put it on charge while i got my clothes so i can shower. i was probably going to get on after i got out the shower. i got my Hello Kitty boy-shorts and a matching pink bra with my hello kitty pajamas. right as i was about to close the bathroom door, the Skype on my laptop ringed. i didnt really know who it was. i thought it was going to be one of my friends so i just  ignored it. it kept ringing up so i finally went to go check. right when i saw the Skype name that came up i got excited. it was Harry. i hope i didnt look to bad. i clicked the 'answer' button right away.

"Hey harry!" "Hey!" we both kind of yelled of pure happiness. "how come it took 3 times for you to answer?" he look a bit sad now. "i thought it was just one of my friends so i ignored it. i was actually about to jump in the shower." "ohh, do you wan me to let you go? then you'll can when your out." "no its fine." "no really go shower, i can wait" he said reassuring me. "harry, no its fine, because i have stuff to do later so i wont be about to talk." "okay just tell me when you want to go." "okay. well its 12:25 right now so ill go at about 1." "what do you mean it 12:25? its 8:25." "time zones duh" "ohh yeah i forgot" he chuckled. god how i love when he laughs. i know it sounds weird because its over internet but it still sounds pretty damn sexy. we were now talking about random things when he suddenly asked "hey what time can i call you tomorrow?" "actually harry, i wont be able to talk for a while. im sorry." his smile turned into a frown. "how come?" he asked, his voice full of concern. "im moving again. were catching the plane on Friday. and tomorrow im going to be out all day with my mom and her boyfriend and his son, which is also my bestfriend." "where are you moving?" "ill tell you once i get there." i practically yelled with a huge smile on my face. "why did you get so cheesy all of the sudden? and what do you mean your moms boyfriends son is your bestfriend?" "im just happy to move." and i explained everything about my mom, Andrew and how his son is shockingly Nick. i checked my phone and it was already 2:24 PM. whoaa how did it get this late so fast. i guess time always flied by when i talk to Harry. so that means thats its 10 PM where Harry is. "Hey Harry" i interrupted him telling me about his band White Eskimo. Oh yeah, Harry is in a band called White Eskimo. he always talks about them. he sung me one of their originals and it was really good, not to mention that hes a really good singer. "yeah?" he asked. "its about to be 2:30 and i need to shower and get ready for later, and you have school tomorrow. you need to sleep." "dont you have school tomorrow?" "no, me and Nick haven't went since Tuesday. and tomorrow we're going after school to tell everyone why we haven't gone and basically that were moving." "okay bye. promise we'll talk soon." his voice sounding hurt. "we will. probably Saturday or Sunday kay?" "okay." he answered back. "kay bye hazza." he chuckled at the sound of his new nick name i gave him a while back. "Bye Em." he said still laughing. with that i clicked off and hopped in the shower. i got out around 3:45 and went down stairs to look for my mom. i stopped in the middle of the staircase and gasped. it was completely empty. nothing was there  not even a single box. "Emily! where are you!?" i heard my moms voice yell from upstairs.i ran up to where she was, "hey mom where is all our stuff?" "ohh. Andrew came over with a couple of friends and they put off the boxes and furniture in a U HAUL truck. He'll be back at 5 to pick us up." "okay.." i said and started to walk away. "Em, go get ready and wear something fancy." "kay" i had already picked out a dress it has grey glitter on the boobs and the bottom was puffy and white, it was a little short but cute. i matched that with my black heels and a cute necklace. i finished off with mascara, eyeliner, and a little bit of blush and eye shadow. when i checked the time it was now 4:58. when when i put my phone in my bag my mom yelled for me asking if i was ready. "Ill be in the car" she continued. i slipped on my heels and went outside. when i got in i saw that my mom had a black dress with lace at the top. i had the same one but the lace ran down the arm. int he car i was on my phone texting. everyone from school kept texting me asking me where have i been and if I've heard from Nick. i didnt reply to any. me and Nick are surprising them tomorrow. we got to Olive Garden in about 15 minutes and saw Nick and Andrew barely parking. i was starving by now. when we got out the car Andrew came up to my mom and hugged her. me and Nick just kind of stood off to he side awkwardly. we walked in and got seated quickly. we ordered out drinks and food. i got a Sprite and cheese ravioli. i didnt pay attention to what anyone else got. "Nick, Emily" my mom spoke up after ordering, "tomorrow school finishes at 12. you guys can hang out with them until about 4-4:30ish but be back home at 5. were leaving to a hotel at 6 to be closer to the airport so we wont wake up as early on Friday." "whos house do we go to?" Nick asked. "you both have to meet up somewhere and walk to our house. Me and your father have to do stuff tomorrow so wont be able to pick you guys up." my mom said. me and nick just nodded. "make sure to be home at 5." Andrew said sternly. "we will" me and nick said at the same time. when we got our food it got quiet. we were all enjoying our food. we ended up leaving at 7. when we were in the car, my voice filled the whole cars atmosphere. we got home at about 7:40 since we stopped by Blockbuster to get some movies. my mom told me that Nick and Andrew are coming over to watch a movie. and so we have some for on the plane ride. 

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