Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



12. 12. Today

its been 3 years since i lived in Los Angles. i couldnt ask for a better time. school was amazing, couldnt ask for a better 3 years! i barely talked to any girls. mostly only guys. sounds weird doesnt it? but guys dont cause drama. meanwhile thats all what girls do. i did manage to stay away from drama those 3 years thanks to ll my guy friends who had my back. my bestest best friend i made was Nick. we clicked right when i got there. we had each others back through anything. lets say i was he most popular girl in school after about 2 months in school. i met Nick before that though. lets just say he wasnt so popular. yeah he had a lot of friends. lets just say that were i the middle. they talked to popular people and the not popular people. thats what i did i the beginning! well we had ever class together. we sat next to each other. we hung out EVERY single day. my mom actually liked him more than Kyle. oh yeah about kyle? i have no idea what happened to him. he tried talking to me the year of 8th grade year. but guess what! i never did! i wanted him out my life. and now i do. well, i am now 15. about to turn 16 in about 4 months. i couldnt be happier! but then again, im moving again... and i have no idea how to tell Nick. i mean, this time its around the world...not just across the country... my mom finished college yet again. she got her bachelor's degree. again. we've gotten closer ever since we left Chicago. my mom has a new boyfriend. i havemt met him. she just told me that he has a son my age and that he goes to me school and winked after. hmm. weird. i thought nothing about it though, anyways she said that were moving across the world with him. fun. i dont know where were moving yet. "Honey!" i got out of my thoughts "yeah mom" "are ya done packin!" "yeah why?" "me and Andrew moved the dinner to tonight at 7 so be ready at 6!" "okay" i simply replied back. i got my phone out my pocket to check the time and it said 3:27. WHAT!? i better hurry up! when i got out the shower it was 4:10. good enough i guess. i ran into my moms room to find her curling her hair. "hey mom is it like hot outside or warm?" "its in between. wear a nice dress though" "i know i was going to" with that i ran all the way back upstairs to my room. i walked into my closet and got out a really light beige colored dress, that was a one shoulder. { } i matched that with black pumps. i only applied light makeup and curled my hair. i checked the time and it was 5:52. good. "mom are you re-" i walked into my moms room speechless. "holy shit mom you look hot" "thanks honey" she giggled an said "and you look sexy" "oh my god mom" i was not laughing hysterically. "cmon we better get going." "wait were not gonna wait for them?" "no, were meeting up there, i wanted it to be a surprise." "ohh, hey mom have you met his son?" i asked out of the blue. "yes and so have you." "who is it!" i asked overly excited now. "you'll see" and she winked. "mom!" "nope!" "anyways where are we going?" "Zagat." "Oh my god mom. that place is like the most expensive restaurant in here!" "havent you always wanted to go there?" "yeh but its really expensive.." "well be happy i picked it out just for you." with that we parked in the parking lot. i checked the time it was 5:57. "em, what time is it?" "5:57" "okay, let me call him." with that she called 'him'. weird she hasent even told me his name? or his sons name? "EMILY! CMON!" she took me out of my thoughts and scared me at how loud she screamed. "Mom! you scared the hell out of me!" "to bad, cmon there inside already." with that we got out of the car and walked inside. "Reservations for Cruz" my mom told the man. 'Cruz? hm weird. thats Nick's last name' i thought to myself but pushed it aside. we got to the very back of the restaurant it was i guess the private part of the restaurant. no one was by us. hmm.. weird.. when we got to the table there was only a man. lets just say hes not the most ugly looking older man I've seen. "Emily, this is Andrew. Andrew, this is Emily." "Finally i get to meet the one and only Emily. Your mom talks about you non stop!" i just laughed. oh my god why does my mom talk about me. "Hey Andrew, wheres Ni- your son?" my mom asked "he had just went to the bathroom." "ohh alright." "hey mom and Andrew, how long have you two been together?" they thought about it for a sec and my mom said  "a little over a year" "WHAT!? and im just finding out!" "yes." "mom! why!" "Emily, I'd like you to meet my son Nicholas." Andrew stated. i turned around. oh my god. "Nick!?" "Emily!?" we said both as confused. "looks like you know each other?" Andrew said and my mom just laughed. "You knew that they knew each other?" Andrew asked my mom. "yeah but i didnt say anything cuz i wanted to see how they would react." "oh my god mom. you could of told me that it was Nick!" after a whie of still being in shock Andrew spoke up. "so, how do you guys know each other." "Were actually best friends..." me and Nick said at the same time. "Oh well thats good. as long as you two get along." me and Nick just laughed and said "yeahh" me and Nick were deep into a conversation when i stopped mid sentence when i heard my mom say "So when are we leaving? and have you told Nick where?" "No, have you told Emily where?" "No, lets tell them now. wait are you  guys done packing? Me and Emily just have a few things left." "yeah me and nick are done." Nick was talking to me but i was paying more attention to my mom and Andrew instead. "Emily." my mom said "Nick." Andrew said. we both looked up at the same time. and replied "yeah" at the same time. "Emily as you know were moving."  "yeah what about that?" "Nick, Emily." my mom said. "Were moving to Holmes Chapel in Cheshire!" "oh my god mom are you serious!" i practually screamed at her. "wheres that?" Nick asked cnfused. "about 3 hours away from London." i stated. "London? what? why London?" he ask surprised. Holmes Chapel. i kept replaying that name in my head. why might you ask? Harry. Yes, we've kept in touch. we have even skyped a few times. we've gotten closer and closer. i cant wait til we move! "mom when do we move?" "later in the week" she happily stated. "when? considering that today is Tuesday..." "Our flight is booked for Friday at 3 pm." Andrew said this time. "so that means we'll get over there 8 hours later. oh my god. yesss!" i kind of yelled the yes part. oops. my bad. "Yes, how do you know the time differences?" Andrew asked me curious. "Well in my old school we had penn pals. and he lives in Holmes Chapel. which is 3 hours from London. and London is a 6 hour difference between Chicago and London. and since Los Angles is 2 ours behind in the time diffrecne from here in Chicago. which would make a 8 hour difference here to London." i was confused when i finished. hope he can figure it out. "well you a smart one arent you?" he said and my mom burst out laughing. oh my god. "wait what was this about a penn pal in London?" Andrew asked me. "well our Language Arts teacher gave us each a penn pal from around the world. nobody had one from here, like as in United States. so it was intersting. and my penn pals name is Harry and he lives in Holmes Chapel. and we still keep in touch." "wait you old school? that was when you were in 8th grade, now your a Sophomore." "yeah. we kept in touch for 3 years." "wow" was all he said soon after my mom and Andrew were in deep conservation and Nick and i were too. he asked a lot about Harry aince i never told him anything about it. about 10 minutes later out food came out. i got chicken and broccoli fettuccine alfredo. my mom and Andrew both got Steak. and Nick got cheese ravioli. "hey dad what about school? like for this week?" Nick asked Andrew. "About that, your both off school until we get to Holmes Chapel." me and Nick almost chocked on our food. "what" was all we could get out. "yep" was all they said. "hey mom, hoe did you guys pick Holmes Chapel?" i asked curious. "well me and Andrew both got a job offer. they were both in Bradford, or Holmes Chapel, he let me choose ad since you still tell me so much about Harry i decided Holmes Chapel." "oh my god mom. is that why you asked me the other day where he was from?" "maybe"was all she answered back. Nick asked me his age and i said same as our. he asked me others as well. i wonder why. i answered the ones i knew. when my mom and Andrew paid we went out separate ways. i got my phone out and went on Facebook  "hey mom sorry for all the screaming i did today  he probably thinks i act like a 5 year old." my mom just started laughing hysterically. um weird. i turned the radio up and started singing. i knew all the songs on the radio since they are played non-stop and so i sung along to every one. my mom stopped at a red light and stood there, staring at me. with her mouth open. "uhm mom. can you stop staring at me its weird."  "oh my god. Emily. I never noticed how good of a singer you are." "um .. ermm.. thanksss?" i said. she got on the express way. the whole way home was silent expect my singing. once we got home i took me makeup off, changed into pajamas, brushed my teeth, and put my hair in a bun. i checked the time at it was midnight, i was playing games on my phone for about a hour and knocked out at 1 in the morning.

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