Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



10. 10. more problems...

when i woke up i was glad to see it was Friday. i turned to look at my clock and it read 5:30 am. i wasnt tired so i didnt go back to sleep. i got out of m bed and look at myself i the mirror. i look like shit. with the dry tears all over my face i decided to take a shower. when i got i the bathroom i quickly turned on the hot water and undressed myself. the image of vicky and kyle quickly came to my mind, i ad to try my best not to try and cry did i just couldnt stop myself. after what he did to me. how am i going to avoid him today? will he try to talk to me? does he have feelings for vicky? will they end up going out? did she do this on purpose? did she have this planned? that one had me really thinking. now thinking back on what i told him in class, i had to really think think this one over. should i try to talk to him?.. when i got out the shower i felt the old air smack against my naked body. i got the chills and quickly got out and went into my room. i went into my drawers and got my clothes. i quickly sipped on my undies and matching bra. i grabbed baggy sweats and a hoodie. after i finished getting ready i ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, put my hair in a high bun and was off to school. the car ride to school was silent. not like usual. when we got to school the first person i saw was kyle. 'oh my god' i said under my breath. "its okay em, give him a chance to explain eh?" my mom said. "i dont know mom. i have to think about it."



i saw Emily's mom car pull into the school lot. i need to explain to her what happened yesterday. it was vicky who came on me. but i kissed back... Emily's i better kisser.. "hey sexy" vicky winked at me. "levae me the hell alone" i simply stated back. "why? emilys little slutty ass wont talk to you anymore?" she said with a smile on her face. "EMILY'S NOT A FUCKING SLUT. YOU SHOULD LOOK AT YOURSELF BEFORE YOU SAY SHIT. I LOST HER BECAUSE OF YOU. WHY ARE YOU JEALOUS OF HER? WHAT THE FUCK DID SHE DO TO YOU? NOTHING! SHE DID NOTHING! NEITHER DID I! NOW SHE HATES ME BECAUSE OF YOUR LITTLE SKANKY ASS. SHE PROBABLY WONT EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN. I NEED HER. I WANT HER. i love her.." i yelled at vicky. i said "i love her" quieter than the rest. loud enough for everyone to hear. i was pissed. i walked away from her before i would do something stupid. 



"EMILY'S NOT A FUCKING SLUT. YOU SHOULD LOOK AT YOURSELF BEFORE YOU SAY SHIT. I LOST HER BECAUSE OF YOU. WHY ARE YOU JEALOUS OF HER? WHAT THE FUCK DID SHE DO TO YOU? NOTHING! SHE DID NOTHING! NEITHER DID I! NOW SHE HATES ME BECAUSE OF YOUR LITTLE SKANKY ASS. SHE PROBABLY WONT EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN. I NEED HER. I WANT HER. i love her.." was the first thing i heard when i was walking towards the door to go into school. was that kyle? did he really mean all that? i was looking for him but i couldnt see him. "KYLE!" i yelled hoping that he would of heard me. everyone turned towards me. why were they staring at me? it was getting weird so i began to walk again. until i heard the vicky. "hey emily! you know he just said that because he saw you coming right? he doesnt want you back." "vicky just shut up." then i huge circle formed around us. "or what?" she asked with a smile creeping on her face. "im not scared of you vicky." "so what? now you want to fight?" she asked laughing hysterically. she threw her arm in the air trying to punch me in the face. but i dodged it. i swung and punched her square i the nose. she quicly fell to the floor. 2 guys had to hold me back so i wouldnt do anything else. "LET ME GO" i screamed in the faces. "IM NOT GOING OT DO ANYTHING ELSE" with that they put me down. i stood there staring at vicky, waiting for what she would say next. "better fighter i see. now you should do ask kyle what we did last night, actually ask him what we did when you guys were going out. ask him if he liked  the way i sucked his dick" she said back with a huge smile on her face while blood gushed out of her face. with that i grabbed my stuff and ran into the building full of tears.  i ran straight into the bathroom. i had no one. vicky was my ex bestfriend, and i didnt talk to anyone when i was dating kyle but him. im hopeless. "EMILY!" i heard kyle yell with relief i his voice. i stopped dead in my tracks. i could feel my eyeliner and mascara running down my face. "WHAT?" i yelled back obviously even madder then before. "em, let me explain, and please calm down" i tried my best to calm myself. "kyle listen, i heard what you said. everything. i believed you. i sceamed  your name looking for you. i trusted you. i never did anything to you. i gave you my everything. did you cheat on me just beacuse i didnt have sex with you? oh yeah one last thing. how was it like fucking vicky? and was she good at sucking dick?" i said trying my very all not to try. with that i walked into homebase and slammed the door. luckily  Ms.Lopez was in there. she got out and sat next to me while i just cried my eyes out. i got my phone out and texted my mom to come pick me up. kyle was at the door knocking with all his strength. i was worried he would knock the door down from how much and how hard he was knocking. i texted my mom again and asked if she could come get me fro the classroom, and she simply texted back with okay. Ms.Lopez went to the door. "kyle, emily is upset right now and your making it wose with this. please stop shes probably talk to you later."  "EXCALTY! PROBABLY. I NEED TO TALK OT HER NOW." Ms.Lopez look at me and i nodded my head. she opened the door so he could walk in. and closed it when she came in. "emily please. tell me what she said. i need to know. she probably just made it up. shes jealous. i love you. please. give me a chance to explain." "kyle. she told me.." my mom knocked on the door and i got up and grabbed my stuff. i looked back at kyle and said "everything." i started walking towards the door with my mom. crying more again and i heard kyle "emily. what is everything.. im sorry... i love you.." he sounded like he was crying. i walked back to him and said "im sorry" i cried even harder, and so did he. "its time to forget about him." i thought to myself. once in the car i replayed what vicky told me in my head. my mom asked what happened and i told her everything. she even said that vicky deserved to be punched. i laughed at that. gosh i love my mom.

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