Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



1. 1. First day of eighth grade.

Today was the first day of eighth grade for me. "Oh my god, another year of bitchy teachers and those certain annoying people" i thought to herself. "VICKY!" "EMILY!" we both screamed to each other when  we both  walked in homebase. "yay we at least have one class together so far." "yeahh but were about to get our schedules so we'll se if we have any other class together," Vicky told me. "Uhh but everyone in here is irreating" i said. "Okay! Class! Welcome to eighth grade!" Mrs. Lopez said as she shut the door. "she looks nice.." we both said at the same time. "So today your just going to go to each class and each teacher is going to explain what your going to do the rest of the year!" Mrs. Lopez explained after taking attendance. "Okay so I am going to be your Language Arts teacher this  year, and we will do this really big project I like to call it, and were going to focus about 10-15 minute each day writing to a penn-pal that I will assign you. They aren't from here, they will be from all over the world" "Ughh why?" everyone in the class including Vicky groaned. "This should be fun and interesting" I thought to myself. "Before you all start complaining, I should say each year I've don't this I always get the exact reply. but each any everyone always end up liking it." "Any question about that?" "yes, uhm your name is Emily right?" "Yeah, and when will we start doing that? And how long will we do it for?" ""Good question! We will start as soon as we rotate classes, which is next week, and we'll do it for most of the year." there was more moans and groans from everyone in the class and I just smiled. I was actually really exicted to do this. "Emily, you wanna do that?" everyone in the class called me out. "Yeah, it seems fun." "Class times up, your all moving along to your math class. Make sure to take all of your stuf." after we went to math we went to the science class, reading class, social studies, then back to our homebase. "Okay class we have about 15 minutes of school left so you can just talk for the rest of time" "so Emily why are you so excited about the penn-pal thingy?" "I don't know.. its just different I guess.." "ohh I see..." just then mrs.lopez started to hand out our schedules. "Vicky, lemme see your schedule" when I got it I almost screamed! "We have all our classes together!" "WHAT?! no! let me see! I don't believe you!" Vicky said overlooking both our schedules. "OH MY GOD!" she screamed.  then everyone in the class just stared at us. "oopss" we both said. "jinex"' Vicky told me. "hey Vicky look at that new kids over there, hes cute, but isn't talking." "wanna go talk to him?" "Sure!" Vicky almost screamed! "Hey, im Emily and shes Vicky." "Ohh heyy, im Kyle" "Your new here?" I asked him. "No shit" Vicky playfully hit me. and kyle just started to laugh. "what do you think of the penn-pal thingy?" I asked him. "It seems cool, hope I don't get a oldass guy or creepyass girl." he laughed saying it. "Yeahh mee too, but I want a guy, whos our age." I told kyle. "yeahh I guess." 

**BUZZZZZ DINGGGG** Everyone ran out the class at the sound of the bell. "lets go" I told Vicky. "I guess we'll see you around then" she told kyle. "yeahh I guess soo.." he said back. we strted to walk out the class when he said "Wait hold up!" we stopped walking and went back to him. "Yeahh?" he and Vicky asked confused. "let me see your guys schedule" Vicky handed him hers and he look at me and said"what about yours?" "me and her have every class together." "Ohh I see..  We have all our classes together too but gym." kyle said looking at my schedule "Cool sounds good" I told him and we walked off together to handg out. when it was about 3 in the afternoon kyle went back to his house and Vicky cam over "Kyles actually really cool and funny" I told Vicky. "Yeahh and hes hot" she laughed "yeahh he iss" I started to laugh also.


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