Until Your Last Breath

Peyton Grey was just an ordinary girl. Well, an ordinarily invisible girl. All through her primary and secondary school life, she was bullied, picked on, and shot down by every male body in the city of London, England. Her parents - split. Her friends - nonexistent. There is only one person in this whole world that can make her feel safe and at home, and that is her best friend, Harry. They've been attached at the hip for as long as they could remember, and whenever she's with him, she feels complete. He says he'll be here for her forever, but her world is flipped upside down after one simple event changes the course of history. Will they rekindle the love between them, or will the incident make them question, "Will you be here until my last breath?"


25. Second Chances

Peyton's POV:
I didn't say a word. I couldn't. There were only two logical explanations for what was going on. Either someone was playing a joke on me – one that sure as hell wasn't funny – or this was really, seriously my mother. I couldn't keep her waiting forever, so I asked, "Wait, are you for real? Is this really her?" You could hear the hope in my voice. I didn't think that I wanted my mom back in my life, but a part of me, deep down, really missed her. I could hear her smile through the phone. "Yes, Peyton. It's me. It's really me. I'm out of rehab, and I really want to see you." I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out. How are you suppose to tell your mother that you moved 3,000 miles away from your previous home. It would crush her. But there was no way around it. "Umm, actually, I moved. Kinda far away." She chuckled, "Where to? I'm sure it isn't too far." I rolled my eyes; if only she knew. I took three steady deep breaths, and broke the news. "New York City." I held my breath, anxiously waiting for her reaction. She sniffled again. "Oh, my. Well, that IS far." "Yeah. But I'd still love together together at some point."
I felt weird saying that. I mean, this was my mother I was talking to. Not some business associate who I was scheduling an interview with. Getting together to chat over a cup of coffee shouldn't be such a rare occurrence in my life, but it was. "Yes, definitely. I really miss you. A lot Peyton. I hope you know that." I nodded, as if she could see me. "I do. I miss you a lot too. And I'm really glad that you got through rehab. I'm sure you're a lot happier." I could almost hear her smile. "Yes, yes I am." "Peyt," a cranky voice yelled from upstairs. Harry must need something. I hated to cut this conversation short, but I had a crippled boyfriend to cater to. "Mom, I'm really sorry. I hate to ditch you like this, but I have to take care of somebody right now. If I get time later, I'll call you back. We can talk as long as you want. Is this your cell?" "No, it's fine. I understand. You have other responsibilities now. Yes, this is my cell phone. I'll be available whenever you need to call me." "Babe," Harry whined again. "Ok, mom. I'll remember that. I'll talk to you later, okay?" "Okay. But, Peyton?" I sighed, "Yes?" "I love you. Very very much. Don't forget that." Now it was my turn to smile. "I love you, too, mom. And trust me, I won't forget."

Harry's POV:
I called Peyton several times, but she still hadn't come upstairs to see what I wanted. I hated feeling this way, like I couldn't do anything for myself. It sucks, because I feel conceded and selfish making Peyton do all of these things for me, but I can't help it. I literally cannot get out of bed for a least a week. How am I suppose to shower? How am I suppose to use the bathroom? All these thoughts were running through my mind when Peyton came bounding up the stairs into the room. She smiled brightly at me, "What is it, Harry?" I smiled back, stretching my arms out towards her. "I need a kiss." Her smile grew wider as she skipped across the floor to place a sweet kiss on my lips. Man, I swear, every one of her kisses are better than the last. She slid in bed next to me, careful not to hurt me at all. That smile was still plastered all over her face. I chuckled, "What are you so happy about?" She turned to face me, our foreheads touching.
I snaked my arms around her waist, pulling her closer to me. "Guess who that was on the phone," she said, her eyes sparkling. "Who?" "No, you have to guess." I rolled my eyes. She always enjoyed playing these kinds of games with me. One thing I've learned over the years, there is no point in arguing with her when it comes to things like this. So I just gave in. "Was it the President?" She laughed, "No." I bush my eyebrows like I'm thinking hard. "Was it Channing Tatum?" She fake swooned, causing me the smile a little wider, too. I loved how comfortable she was around me. Like, sometimes we can be that romantic couple, but other times, we could just be bestfriends. I think that's really special. "Tell me who it was!" She laughed, actually laughed. "Okay, okay. One more guess though." I sighed dramatically before throwing out my last attempt. Without thinking, I said, "Was it your mom?" Her face went from amused to shocked. At first, I thought I had offended her, but then she smiled. "How'd you know that?" I raised my eyebrows, "I got it right? It was really your mom?" She nodded, "Yeah. It was. She said she was out of rehab, and she really missed me. When she said she wanted to get together to catch up a bit, I hated having to tell her that I moved so far away. But she seemed okay with it. She didn't freak out like I thought she would. I'm just really happy that we are back in touch. As much as we've been through, I really have missed her. A lot." I looked up at her, and she was on the verge of tears. "Oh, Peyt, don't cry." She giggled, quickly swiping her tears away. "I can't help it! I'm just really happy!" I kissed the tip of her nose, causing her to squeal a little. "I'm happy too, babe. But do you know what would make me even happier?" My stomach growled, right on cue. She shot right out of bed, "Oh, I'm so sorry! I started the soup, then my mom called and–" I cut her off. "Peyt, it's fine. I'm not starving to death." She didn't even listen to me before she ran back down the stairs to continue her cooking.
In the mean time, I flicked the television on for some entertainment. I was flipping through channels when I landed on E! Network, hearing a familiar name. "Curly haired boyband member, Harry Styles, was reportedly released from the hospital today, where he spent the last week recovering from a potentially deadly car crash. His hot new arm candy, Peyton Grey, was photographed escorting him from the ICU into their shared BMW, and into her apartment downtown. Although this hot Hollywood couple has been in the tabloids for a few weeks now, we can't help but feel like we don't know much about them at all. So we did our research, and discovered that the pair were actually bestfriends before anything romantic came about. Nothing is confirmed, but rumor has it, Harry left his "BFF" without even as much as a goodbye. He just up and left without a care in the world, so we can't help but wonder, 'Will he do it again?' We all know Harry... gets around, if you will. We just don't want to see him hurt this sweet girl again. What do you think will happen? Tweet us your opinion to–"
I shut the tv back off, tossing the remote across the room. I couldn't believe those people were saying those things about me. How could they make assumptions like that? And who are they to say that I'll hurt Peyton all over again? These people have no right to say that about me, about us. But I wasn't going to get mad about it. I just had to prove them wrong.
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