Until Your Last Breath

Peyton Grey was just an ordinary girl. Well, an ordinarily invisible girl. All through her primary and secondary school life, she was bullied, picked on, and shot down by every male body in the city of London, England. Her parents - split. Her friends - nonexistent. There is only one person in this whole world that can make her feel safe and at home, and that is her best friend, Harry. They've been attached at the hip for as long as they could remember, and whenever she's with him, she feels complete. He says he'll be here for her forever, but her world is flipped upside down after one simple event changes the course of history. Will they rekindle the love between them, or will the incident make them question, "Will you be here until my last breath?"


26. First Date

**QUICK NOTE** 1000 reads, wow. That's insane. Thank you, SO MUCH. And I apologize for that several week period where I didn't update at all. That was bad, I don't know what happened there. But I promise it won't happen again. I hope you guys are liking the story line so far. What do you think about Peyton and her mom reconnecting? How do you think Peyton and Harry will deal with the pressure of their building relationship? Please leave comments! Happy reading! 

Harry's POV: 
          I rolled over onto my side, the bright sunlight pouring through the window. I shield my eyes from it, propping myself up by my elbow. The clock on my right tells me that it's almost noon. I turn myself back around, coming face to face with a gorgeous figure. Peyton was still asleep. If there was one thing she could do better than me, it was sleep. She could do it all day. Usually, I would too, but today, I had other things planned. I nudged her shoulder with my finger, "Peyton, wake up." Nothing. I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer, dotting light kisses all over her cheeks. "Babe, it's time to get up." This time, she groaned a little. She mumbled someone under breath, but I couldn't make it out. "What was that?" 
          She opened her eyes to look at me, "I said, what if I don't want to?" I raised an eyebrow, "Oh, we want to play games, do we? That's fine. I know exactly how to get what I want." I peered down to her abdomen, then back up at her. I shot her a cheeky grin, and she shook her head. "Styles, you better not." Without warning, I threw my hands onto her stomach, my fingertips attacking her sides. She squirmed underneath me, but I managed to control her. She was laughing like you wouldn't believe. "Are we awake yet?" She nodded vigorously, obviously unable to speak. But I continued to tease her. "What's that, love? I can't hear you." She grabbed my wrists in a useless attempt to remove my hands. "I... I am..." was all she could get out. She gasped, sucking short gusts of air into her lungs. "You are what," I asked. "I'm up! I'm up!" My hands paused to rest on her waist, and I bent down to be eye level with her. "Good." I pressed my lips onto hers, and for a moment, I felt what it was like to be out of breath. 
         She pushed me off of her, and I hopped onto the carpet, helping her out of bed. "Because today, we are going out." She smiled at me, "Really? What's the occasion?" I smirked, "Well, if I'm remembering properly, we have not had our first date yet. I mean, look at this day," I said, gesturing my hand towards the window, the yellow sun illuminating the entire room. I turned back to her, "We can't let a beautiful day like this go to waste." She kissed my cheek, "Okay, where are we going?" I tapped her nose, "That, my love, is top secret information. You'll just have to trust me." She rolled her eyes at me, "What are you, 007?" I made a fake gun with my hands and formed my face to a smolder. "The name's Styles, Harry Styles." She hit me playfully before walking off to the bathroom.

Peyton's POV: 
          I stepped into the bathroom, the cold tile floor sending shivers up my legs. Quickly hopping onto the mat, I turned the shower dial until the steam was filling the room, then tore off my pajamas. I moved into the shower, the hot water engulfing my body with small bursts of heat. I closed my eyes while I just stood there, not moving a muscle. It felt so peaceful, so pure. The past month had been so stressful, with Harry's accident and the numerous doctor visits to follow. Don't get me wrong, of course I was concerned about his health, I just wish it didn't put so much strain on us. 
          After I washed up, I rinsed my body then shut the water off, yanking my towel off of the rack on the back of the door. As I dried off, I let my mind wander. 'I wonder where he's taking me today.' 'Are we going out onto eat?' 'I hope he didn't spend too much.' I smile stupidly to myself. This was going to be my first date with Harry, no matter how long we've been 'together'. I didn't care where we were going. I just wanted to be with him. 
          I opened the bathroom door, skipping past Harry to choose my clothes for the day. I settled on something casual and generic, as Harry had not told me where we would be going today. I slid on my bright pink crop top, white distressed shorts, and black vans. I pulled the towel from atop my head, letting my hair fall naturally down my back. After applying a thin layer of make up, I grabbed my purse and sunglasses and bounded down the stairs. Harry was sitting on the couch watching a football game when I met his gaze. He did a quick double take before his lips spread into a wide smile. "Babe, you look beautiful." My cheeks flushed bright red as I kissed him briskly. "Thank you, now, please tell me where we are going?" He smiled and pecked me once more. "Not yet, babe. It will spoil the surprise." I grabbed his wrist and dashed out the door, yelling, "Okay, then, let's get going!" We reached the car and I loosened my grip on him so he could open my door for me. He motioned towards the inside of the car, "Your chariot awaits." He flashed that cheeky smile of his, causing my heart to flutter. He took his seat right next to me and started the car. I intertwined my fingers with his, excited for the day ahead. 

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