Until Your Last Breath

Peyton Grey was just an ordinary girl. Well, an ordinarily invisible girl. All through her primary and secondary school life, she was bullied, picked on, and shot down by every male body in the city of London, England. Her parents - split. Her friends - nonexistent. There is only one person in this whole world that can make her feel safe and at home, and that is her best friend, Harry. They've been attached at the hip for as long as they could remember, and whenever she's with him, she feels complete. He says he'll be here for her forever, but her world is flipped upside down after one simple event changes the course of history. Will they rekindle the love between them, or will the incident make them question, "Will you be here until my last breath?"


8. Don't Forget the Lyrics

Peyton's POV:
So, you might be wondering what happened with my mom. Well, basically, at my graduation, she showed up to the school drunker than I'd ever seen her. Our security escorted her out, but not before she humiliated me in front of the entire graduating class. They ended up calling the cops on her, and she was charged with public intoxication and posing as a danger to minors. Luckily, when they sent her to rehab, I was already eighteen, so my dad wasn't granted custody of me.
Maybe about a month after, I packed up all of my things, and moved far far away to New York City. With some unexpected help from my dad's new wife, I was able to get into a community college not far from the apartment I currently live in. I work part-time at the mall to pay for rent, and I'm getting by pretty well. To say the least, things are going pretty good so far. I hope I didn't jinx it...
Harry's POV:
It's been a week since my episode in Ed's backyard, and ever since, I haven't stopped thinking about Peyton. The image of her younger form wrapped around me is stuck in my brain, and I have this ever lasting yearning to feel that sensation again. I want to see her. I need to see her.
I told the boys about it, and they said not to sweat it, that eventually, this will just subside. I believe them, but what if it doesn't? What if I never get to see her again? Another wave of premonition-type déjà vu rushed over me, and I shuddered, shaking my body free of the thought. I have other things to focus on. In about four months, One Direction would be releasing our second album, Take Me Home. With Ed and a few others' help, me and the boys have been able to create what we think is an amazing album. I just hope the fans like it as much as we do.
Today, we are going for an interview in Madrid, and I'm excited, just because its been a while since we've been doing promo, and it feels good to be getting back into it. Plus, it's something to get my mind off of Peyton.
Me and the lads are in a hot, stuffy room sitting on a couch not fit for five teenage boys, and I can tell it's messing with Niall's claustrophobia. I'm really not in the mood to be answering questions under these conditions, but I'll get through it with a smile on my face. The interviewer steps into the room, and I raise myself to greet him with a handshake. He takes his seat and I retreat back to mine, squeezing myself back onto the couch cushion.
He man clears his throat, then says, "Morning, fellas. How are we today?" "Good," we all say in unison. "Good to hear! I think we'll get right into the questions, if that's alright," he asks, not really looking for permission. "Fine with us," Louis answers.
It's been about twenty minutes, and we've been answering the same handful of questions that we are always asked. 'What's been the highlight of your career?' 'What's your favorite song off the album?' 'How is the new album coming along?' Standard questions, standard answers. A few minutes of boring statements later, the interviewer wraps it up, and sends us on our way. As we are leaving, Zayn whispers to me, "That was a memorable interview." I laugh, "What interview?" He chuckles, and ducks his head into the car.
As soon as I sit down, I pull my phone and earphones out of my pocket. I unlock my phone and slide my finger up and down the screen, searching for the perfect sound to escape in. I stop when I reach my selection, and press it. Stuffing my earphones in my ears, I lean back in my seat and close my eyes. I take a deep breath as She Is Love by Parachute spills into my head.
'And I lost my faith in my darkest days, but she makes me want to believe.' My mind travels to Peyton, and the lyrics remind me of when me and the boys were eliminated from the X Factor. She was the first person I called, and she was there for me when I was at my lowest point. Peyton told me not to give up, and that everything would be okay. I believed her, and hours later, Simon signed us to his record label. The song acting as a lullaby, I slipped into darkness as sleep took over my body.
Peyton's POV:
I was sitting in my room finishing up some home work with my iPod blasting Boys Like Girls throughout my apartment. The song The Great Escape ended, and it transitioned to my favorite song, Hero/Heroine. Every time I listened to it, I brought back a beautiful memory. About three weeks before Harry left, it was Halloween, and we accompanied each other to a costume party. 'I feel like a hero, and you are my heroine.' We dressed up as Superman and Superwoman. When we were sitting in the car on our way to the party, I told him I felt perfect, because I had always looked at him as my hero. 'Do you know that your love is the sweetest sound.' He leaned over to me and kissed me on my lips, whispering softly in my ear, "I love you."
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