Until Your Last Breath

Peyton Grey was just an ordinary girl. Well, an ordinarily invisible girl. All through her primary and secondary school life, she was bullied, picked on, and shot down by every male body in the city of London, England. Her parents - split. Her friends - nonexistent. There is only one person in this whole world that can make her feel safe and at home, and that is her best friend, Harry. They've been attached at the hip for as long as they could remember, and whenever she's with him, she feels complete. He says he'll be here for her forever, but her world is flipped upside down after one simple event changes the course of history. Will they rekindle the love between them, or will the incident make them question, "Will you be here until my last breath?"


17. Cheating

Harry's POV:
Sometime while she was laying on top of me, I think I realized something that I had been trying to avoid for a long time. I never got over Peyton Isabella Grey. For the past two years, she's had a piece of my heart with her. This whole time, I thought that I didn't have feelings for her anymore, but in this moment, I can truly say that I love her.
Minutes passed, and I looked down to see that Peyton had fallen into a deep sleep. My body shivered, the cool wind whipping against my face. Peyton was wearing fewer clothes than I was, she had to be freezing. I scooped her up and carried her back down the stairs and into my car, buckling her seat belt around her. I drove her home and walked her up the stairs, tucking her into her bed. Afterwards, I went back to the hotel, tip toeing through it to make sure I didn't wake any of the boys. I heard a shuffling in the distance, and I flicked the lights on to reveal Liam sitting on the couch, his eyes locked onto mine.

Liam's POV:
"Where have you been all day," I asked Harry. He left this morning around noon, and never returned until now. Usually he'll tell someone where he's going, but he didn't today. He rubbed the back of his neck, "I was, uh, with a friend." I had known Harry for a while, and I could tell there was something he wasn't telling me. "What friend?" He fake yawned, "Oh, Liam, I'd love to stay up and chat, but I'm really tired-" I stopped him from leaving the room. "What friend, Harry," I asked him much more sternly.
He turned to look at me, irritation showing in his voice. "Why is that any of your business?" What did he just say to me? I thought about what to say, but he kinda had me trapped with this one. "Because you didn't tell anyone you were leaving, and you left your phone here. We were worried," I said, going for a more caring tactic. He scoffed, "That doesn't tell me how it's any of your business WHO I was with."
I was growing tired of his games, and my anger was starting to build up inside of me. "Damn it, Harry! Just tell me who you were with," I screamed, loud enough for the neighbors to hear. "I WAS WITH PEYTON! Ok? Are you happy," he yelled in my face. Without waiting for an answer, he stormed off to his room, slamming his door behind him.
Harry's POV:
Today, I was returning home from a week long vacation in Italy with Taylor. To be honest, 'dating' her wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be. After she understood that we couldn't rush into things, real relationship or not, we got along just fine. In fact, we were doing so well that sometimes we showed PDA, and not just for show. People always perceive her as a cold-hearted girl, but in reality, she's very sweet and nice. Even I used to think that she was unappealing, but she managed to make a believer out of me. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all...

Peyton's POV:
I woke up to a bright light shining into my bedroom. I rolled over to see a single red rose laying on the pillow next to me. Attached to it was a sticky note. I grabbed the note, reading, 'Good morning, beautiful. Happy One Month Anniversary. xxx - Liam.' I smiled, remembering how much of my life has changed in the past month. I met a guy that makes me feel wanted, and I got my best friend back. I couldn't possibly ask for more.
I got up, dragging myself into the bathroom and into the shower. While I cleansed my body, I thought about that night three weeks ago when Harry and I were on the rooftop. We haven't really talked much since then, and I think it might have something to do with how good Liam and I's relationship has been going. I can't see why that would build a void in our friendship, though. I know we had a romantic past, but he broke up with me. That means that he doesn't have feelings for me anymore, right?
"Of course he doesn't," I said to myself, "It's been two years. No one still has feelings for anyone after that long. I'm sure he's had plenty girlfriends in the past who were much prettier, and smarter, and-" I stopped myself, picking up on the hint on jealousy in my voice. I knew Harry didn't love me anymore, but what if I wanted him to? I shook my head, trying to free my brain of these idle wishes. "No, Peyton. He's moved on. And so have you, remember? You have Liam now, and that's all you need," I assured myself, although it wasn't very convincing.
Once I got dressed and ate, I planned to go to Liam's hotel. That way, we could spend the day together. I hopped in my car, and started to drive. I pulled up to the building ten minutes later, and exited my car. I walked into the elevators, and pressed the button that read 7. As I approached the third floor, the elevator stopped to let another person in. The doors opened to reveal that the person accompanying me was, of all people, Harry.
"Hey, Peyt! What brings you here," he asked me, sounding a little anxious. "Oh, today is me and Liam's one month anniversary, and I was coming to pick him up so we could spend it together." He laughed nervously as we made it to the seventh floor, "Umm, I don't that's a good idea. Maybe you should hang out with El or Perrie." He grabbed my shoulders, trying to lead me in the opposite direction of their room. "Harry, don't be silly. Why wouldn't I want to spend time with Liam," I asked him, picking up my speed. He trailed close behind.
I made it to their room, pulling out the spare key that Liam had given me recently. Harry was practically yelling, "Peyton! I'm serious. Do not go in there. You're not going to like what you see." I spun around to look at him, "What do you mean Harry?" He took a deep breath, "Peyton, Liam is-" He didn't have time to finish before he was interrupted by the sound of the door opening behind us. I turned to see Liam standing in the doorway with a tall blonde. "Thanks, babe. I had a really great time last night. Drive safe," he said, before leaning in to plant a kiss on her lips.
Harry's expression went hard and he finished his thought, "Cheating on you." My hands began to tremble, and my face went hot. "Liam, are you fucking kidding me?" He turned around to see me standing next to Harry, shock and regret written all over his face.

Harry's POV:
The look on Peyton's face was heart breaking, tears running down her cheeks. Liam tried to apologize, but it wasn't going to help. "Peyton, I'm sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen. Please, let me explain," he pleaded. She slapped him across his face, "Save your bullshit, Liam. We're done." I watched her stomp down the hallway, disappearing into the elevator.
Now breathing heavy from my anger, I turned to Liam, "What were you thinking? How do you think she feels right now?" He shook his head, "Whatever. She'll be fine." I furrowed my eyebrows, not believing what I was hearing. Now I was shouting. "Are you serious?! You just betrayed the girl that you've been with for a month, for a slut that you just met last night? What the hell is wrong with you," I yelled.
Liam pushed past me to get to the bathroom, trying to tend to his wound. "No. Do not walk away from me, we are not done here," I said, following him into the bathroom. He slammed his hand down on the counter, piercing his eyes into mine. "You want to know what I was thinking, Harry? I was thinking that Peyton was gullible and would fall for basically anything. I was thinking that she had a nice body, and maybe if I charmed her long enough, she would let me sleep with her. I was thinking that since she had made me wait this long, I would just go get what I wanted somewhere else. Don't you get it, Harry? I never gave a damn about Peyton. I just wanted sex. And trust me, if you hadn't screwed things up today, the pathetic bitch would have let me get it, too."
Rage was filling me up to my ears, and I couldn't take it anymore. I punched Liam straight in his face with every inch of power in my body, sending him flying to the ground. I ran out of the room to head to Peyton's house, hoping that she would make it home ok.

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