Just Friends?

Millie and Sophie see Jaymi Hensley and Harry Styles on the street one day.


1. Preface: Introduction

Hi I'm Millie, I'm 21 and my best friend, since year 7 is Sophie Marriott! She is the nicest most beautiful girl in the world! Anyway back to me! I'm Millie, I'm 21 and I have long dark brown hair, sea blue eyes and a really bubbly personality! 

Sophie on the other hand is 22 and has longer golden brown hair, pale blue eyes and a really nice personality!

See I love this coffee shop called Costa, even though I HATE coffee! I love their millionaire shortbreads!! I know! I'm so sad!! And I heard this guy from some band on the X Factor works there! How cool. They are probably another one direction! Oh gosh! Sophie LOVES One Direction so much! Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam And Louis... I used to really like Zayn, BUT, now he looks like he is on drugs! Anyway back to the story! 

So I was walking to Costa's with Sophie and we met some very(!!) surprising people...

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