Katniss in Wonderland - (old version)

CrossOver Story - After their great victory of The 74th Annual Hunger Games, Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen are invited to a banquet with President Snow. They get bored with the fancy ball, and decide to explore the palace of President Snow. In the garden, they find a mysterious passage way to a wonderful place, where a girl named Alice greets them.


13. Tweedledee & Tweedledum

-Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Alice chirped. They're twins. She smiled brightly and sat more comfortably on the soft dirt.

-And... they live here? Peeta asked almost mockingly.

-Yes, they do! Well, did. I think they still do, though. But I don't know where they are right now.

The ground started to vibrate lightly and the sound of crushed leaves came to our ears, as heavy footsteps came our way.


In the so-said doorway stood two atrociously fat boys. They were bald, with no sign of hair whatsoever, and they were wearing a black and white striped shirt with a black overall and red suspenders. They were very short. They both tilted their heads to the right, than to the left in a perfect synchrony as one frowned and the other one rose his eyebrows.

-Oh, Alice! they both said after a moment. She stood up headed to the doorway.

-Hello, Tweedledee, she said leaning towards the twin on the right - the surprised one - and hugging him shortly.

-And Tweedledum, the twin on the left cried as he stretched his fat short arms like a little baby.

-And Tweedledum, Alice repeated laughing and hugging him as well.

-So that's Tweedledee. And that's Tweedledum. I said pointing to the right and then to the left nonchalantly. The bald twins nodded as Alice murmured an 'mhm'.

-Nice to meet you, Peeta said putting his hand out. The tweedles looked at him puzzled, then turned to each other with a stupid grin and shook their hands. Okay... Peeta said returning to his seat.


Nobody said anything then and Alice and the twins seemed to have a silent conversation glaring at each other. But apparently they did not as Alice questioned worried.

-Did the patrols see you?

-No, they actually-

-Walked by just as we-

-Were entering the woods, Tweedledee finished for Tweedledum.

-I see... Where were you? Alice scolded, a maternal touch in her tone.

-We wanted to see-, Tweedledee started,

-The train, they both said in awe.

-What train? Peeta and I both asked in one voice.

-I'm guessing the train to the Queen's new land, am I right? Alice said looking at the boys. They simply nodded.

-Did you get there? I voiced my curiosity.

-Yes we did-, said Tweedledum,

-But the train isn't always there-,pursued Tweedledee,

-So we didn't see it.


-Could you guide us there? After the patrol, I mean. The fat boys gasped.

-Please? Peeta helped my persuasion.

-Yes, we can! They both finally said.

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