Katniss in Wonderland - (old version)

CrossOver Story - After their great victory of The 74th Annual Hunger Games, Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen are invited to a banquet with President Snow. They get bored with the fancy ball, and decide to explore the palace of President Snow. In the garden, they find a mysterious passage way to a wonderful place, where a girl named Alice greets them.


3. Train Ride

The driver led us to the train station, where a bunch of camermen were expecting us. I remembered my first time in this station. That horrible day I was chosen as a tribute, when I never thought i will survive. I quickly erased that thought from my memory as Peeta took my hand.

I looked around for my mother, when I noticed she hadn't arrived yet.

-Peeta, I whispered, where are Prim and mom?

-They should be here any time now, he announced.

Truth is, they left two minutes earlier than us, so they should've been here by now. I finally saw the two of them, running towards the train, panting and carrying their suitcases. Peeta rushed to help them and we safely got on the train. A butler invited us in and took care of our suitcases. Haymitch went straight to the drinking bar and me and Peeta sat down on a baby blue sofa. We saw mom and Prim jumping around of excitement, looking around the wagon amazed.

-This rum is exquisite! Haymitch said, lifting up his glass, Would you like some?

-No, thank you, I said politely, I'm still underage, you know...

He pointed a finger at me with an evil smirk and left the room. I let my head fall on Peeta's shoulder as the train started moving.

-Isn't Effie here? I haven't seen her in a while, I noticed.

-She should be, she always is. I'm going to check her room. He got up and I grabbed his wrist.

-No! Stay with me, I said, pulling him back on the sofa. He smiled, leaning in for a kiss.


After all the fake love in the arena, Gale and I weren't as close anymore, so I had nothing to lose than to let Peeta show me he loves me as much as he does. After all, I did love him as well, just not as much as him. Those kisses that sent shivers down my spine became more and more frequent, so I knew something was going on in my heart. Maybe after all, I will love him a lot one day.


The rest of the journey was event less, but Effie's presence was definitely missing. I wondered where she could've been. She was so proud of us that even I was confused about her missing that day.

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