Katniss in Wonderland - (old version)

CrossOver Story - After their great victory of The 74th Annual Hunger Games, Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen are invited to a banquet with President Snow. They get bored with the fancy ball, and decide to explore the palace of President Snow. In the garden, they find a mysterious passage way to a wonderful place, where a girl named Alice greets them.


6. The rose garden

The glass door led to a beautiful garden, with bushes and pergolas were carrying red, white and yellow roses. There were no bees or insects flying around, just a light breeze making the plants sway. The sky was blue in that garden, but there were some white fluffy clouds. The sun was shining, but because of all the trees, bushes, and pergolas, there was a strange shadow over the pavement.


I shook Peeta's arm lightly, and began walking towards the garden, a strange emotion making me advance. The doors slowly opened when we were a few feet away and the scent of roses invaded the hallway. We stepped in the garden, the warm breeze stroking my cheek. I squeezed Peeta's arm and he took my hand, something about this place was definitely strange.

-I don't get how it's so sunny in here... I said, walking further into the rose garden. It's always so clouded in The Capitol. My companion stopped reaching out for a rose.

-I don't think you should do that, I whispered, but he picked it anyway and offered it to me. I took it carefully, making sure I won't hurt my fingers with the spines. We walked for a while, just like we did in the hallways, but the entrance never seemed to disappear no matter how far we would go into the garden. Suddenly, we heard footsteps coming our way. I felt Peeta's pulse become faster and my heart ready to pop out of my chest.


Peeta pulled me under a pergola, half covered by bushes. The roses growing in there hurt both of our faces, leaving small, but many scratches along our hands and faces. The footsteps were now in front of us, but didn't stop in front of our pergola. We had to get out of there though. I felt Peeta's hands on my cheeks.

-Are you ok? he asked worried

-Just fine, I reassured him, just a bit scratched, that's all. We were in the Hunger Games and dealt with much worse wounds, remember? He smiled, kissing my cheek.


We got up again, and started walking in a tunnel of high rose bushes. The roses seemed to get out of our way as we came towards them.



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