Katniss in Wonderland - (old version)

CrossOver Story - After their great victory of The 74th Annual Hunger Games, Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen are invited to a banquet with President Snow. They get bored with the fancy ball, and decide to explore the palace of President Snow. In the garden, they find a mysterious passage way to a wonderful place, where a girl named Alice greets them.


8. Alice

There, right in front of us, was the biggest, greenest, sunniest meadow I had ever seen. In the distance, you could see the border that led to the woods, and you could hear the birds whistling. I looked back. The pergola was still there, but you couldn't see the rose tunnel. Halfway to the borderline with the woods, a simple white bench, probably made out of stone, was standing lonely and bluntly on the meadow. Everything looked magical.


I was looking around mesmerized by the view, when I noticed a girl was standing on the bench. I cold only see her profile, because she was holding her knees up, her eyes glued to the book she was holding in her hand. I could notice from that distance she had long blonde hair, that shined in the sunlight. Peeta mumbled something that I couldn't understand, and the girl lifted her eyes up from the book. She was very pretty, actually. She smiled, putting her book down, and letting her feet slide back to the ground. She helped herself up with her hands, and started walking graciously towards us.

-Hello there! she shouted, waving her soft hand gently.

We didn't respond so she seemed a little disappointed. She was now close enough to notice her crystal blue eyes and her pink lips. She was wearing a white dress, with a bow tied at the back. She also had a black headband, and little pumps that matched it. She looked twenty, but she was speaking, walking and waving like a little girl.


We stared at each other for moments, her gaze shifting from me to Peeta. I felt his hand grip mine tighter. She didn't look like she was going to do us any harm - not at all - but after our experience in the Games, we could never know who the enemy was. After a while, her childish smile grew back, along with a spark of joy in her eyes.

-Ooooh, I get it, she said, you must be new here! I looked at Peeta confused, but he just shrugged. The girl still looked at us, smiling.

-Welcome to Wonderland, I'm Alice! she presented herself, putting out both of her hands towards Peeta and I. I hesitated, but shook her hand, and seeing my confidence, Peeta did the same as me.

-Hi, erm, I'm Katniss. And this is Peeta,. I pointed at him, earning a grin from Alice.

-So we're in 'Wonderland', you said? Peeta asked suspiciously. Alice giggled, placing her hand over her lips.

-Yes, you heard that right, she answered, have you never heard of it?

Peeta and I both shook our heads, looking at Alice with a look that was begging for more information. She put her fists on her hips and frowned, but only managed to look like a little girl who had her puppets taken away.

-Don't look at me like that! she complained. Come, let me show you around, she added, her expression turning back to happy.

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