Free Fall

This is a re-make of the first Free Falling. It was with this I won a comp at school. Hope you like it!
Kaye is your average shy teenager. Surrounded by friends, semi-popular, finally getting attention from the boy she fancies, she's happy. However, things start to change. Her best friends have turned on her, started calling her names, and it's not long before the ghosts of her past start to catch up with her future.....


5. Epilogue


Dear Reader,

I guess you want to know what happened next. Also, I have a message for you.

Well, firstly, Jordan asked me out. Both Rhianna and I got counselling. I old Rhianna I would forgive her but I couldn't forget. She understood.


Mam offered me move schools, but i braved my normal one. Everyone was really nice and I made friends.

And now for the message. When I jumped I know I should've died. I was lucky.


Others may not be so lucky. People you know. If someone was bullied they end up scarred for life. I was scarred emotionally. But at least I didn't die.


It may be the shy person in your school. Maybe some in the year below you. Maybe it's your best friend. Whoever it is, bullying is happening all over the world. You never know who else might decide their life is not worth living because of bullies.


So please. If you know someone who's being bullied or are yourself, tell someone. Talk to an adult, your teacher or your parent. Or if not tell, at least least help someone. Be kind and don't become a bully yourself.


Or someone you know might end up like me. Or worse. Others might not be so lucky. Or worse.

Yours truly,

Kaye x


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