Best Fake Friend.

Dear Diary,
I'm storm and I've just turned sixteen. I'm in love with my best-friend Blake. I don't know what to do. His girlfriend is the definition of S.L.U.T. She constantly starts her crap with me. I just don't understand what he sees in her. I wish, just wish he could be mine.


8. The First Trimester, (1- 12 Weeks).

Dear Diary,

I thought I would write in you every trimester which is roughly every 3 months. Just so you can keep up to date without me having to write every day- I can give it to you in big chunks which is easier to read. At the moment I'm just going into my twelfth week of being pregnant. The pain has been terrible. My back's still been hurting really badly, and I constantly throw up. I'm always tired and very emotional- Blake's forever moaning about it. My boobs have been hurting quite a bit and I keep needing to pee. Its really annoying. Especially in college. The other day I nearly fainted because I felt really dizzy and lightheaded. I'm starting to get a very small bump and my head is always pounding. I'm trying to avoid painkillers though as it's not good for the babies. I don't know the sex yet, it's too early to find out. 

Blake's really excited. He keeps feeling my stomach although I haven't felt a kick yet. He keeps talking about baby names and stuff. He wants to buy all the stuff this second, but he has to wait until he knows the gender of our children! I don't want to go out and get a pink buggy, or pink clothes, or a pink cot, and it's a boy, and vice versa. 

Not everyone is thrilled though. Dad's still a bit dogdey, the slut doesn't know yet- thank god, but Nan and granddad aren't too happy either. Blake's Nan and granddad are thrilled though. So that's a good thing.

The pain I've been/am experiencing is unbearable, but it's all going to be worth it in the end when I get to see my beautiful babies! Oh yeh. Babies... Did I not mention... We're having twins!!! Twice the pain. Twice the money. Twice the excitement. Blake's having one, I'm having the other.

I'm shattered because of these little tikes.


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