Best Fake Friend.

Dear Diary,
I'm storm and I've just turned sixteen. I'm in love with my best-friend Blake. I don't know what to do. His girlfriend is the definition of S.L.U.T. She constantly starts her crap with me. I just don't understand what he sees in her. I wish, just wish he could be mine.


6. Oh-No.

Dear Diary,

I think I'm in a bit of trouble here... Well, the thing is, I've been throwing up and stuff really recently. I've been throwing up, had stomach pains, back ache, needing to pee all the time, but the worst thing is, I haven't come on my period. It may sound pathetic because I could just be ill and have irregular periods, but my periods are regular like clockwork. I always come on my period on the 24th of every month, and end on the 30th, if February, I start on the 24th and end on the 2nd or 3rd of March depending if its a leap year or not. Basically starts on the 24th each month, and lasts for six days. It's always been like it. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones who actually knows when she comes on, and scarily enough, that's why I'm so sure I'm up the duff.

All these symptoms started last week. I only thought I was ill considering everything that's been wrong with me, I've had before when I've been ill. It's the 27th today you see, so I haven't come on my period, and I've never been early, or late before. So, I've taken a pregnancy test, and I'm waiting for the results. To an extent I hope it's positive because then we can start our own little family, but I also hope it's negative because think of everything I'm gonna have to go through. It's gonna cost a lot of money, cause me a lot of pain, I'll be called a sket, slag, hoe, whore, every name in the book, and not to mention the fact that I may lose many friends too. 

Another thing is, Blake. He doesn't take things too well. I don't have a clue about how he would re-act to this. I may have known him for a long time, but because I haven't seen him go through anything like this, I'm not too sure how he'll take it if I am. He'll be a good dad and stuff, although I think he may neglect his child for some strange reason. He doesn't like big change, and this would be a VERY big change. I personally think that the change will be too big for him to cope with. 

The test still hasn't finished yet. For god sake. I just want it to hurry up so I know! Like seriously, this is taking forever. I don't want my life to change drastically but I know if I am up the duff then it will. I don't believe in abortion. I think it's cruel. So if I am pregnant, I will keep her or him. In a way I'm a bit excited to know, but I don't know how to tell my mum if I am. I can't just march downstairs and announce it to her. I could just let it slip. Ask her what she would do if the situation arose and then say, "Well be prepared to do that because you're gonna be a grandmother." Maybe that would work? Then that way she may not realize and I can run upstairs before she clicks... Yeh... I think I'll do that. 

Right, the few minutes is up. Time to look...

Two lines... Wait... What does that mean? Lemme get the instructions... One second...

Oops. It means positive. I'm pregnant... Oh-No.

Think its's time for bed...


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