Best Fake Friend.

Dear Diary,
I'm storm and I've just turned sixteen. I'm in love with my best-friend Blake. I don't know what to do. His girlfriend is the definition of S.L.U.T. She constantly starts her crap with me. I just don't understand what he sees in her. I wish, just wish he could be mine.


11. Birth.

Dear Diary,

I gave birth to a pair of conjoined twins like I was told... A boy and a girl! We've decided to name them Billie and Joel. I decided on them both. I changed my mind about Melody and Devon. They're lovely names, but I want to save them names for when I'm older and have more kids! Anyway, the amount Billie has supported me in this whole thing, I thought she deserved to have one of my angels named after her! Joel, was just a random name though. 

Billie and Joel Smith. I got to hold them both! Billie has jet black hair and blue eyes- daddies hair, mummies eyes. Joel has brown hair and light green eyes- mummies hair, daddies eyes. Billie has very small ears which aren't really in proportion with her head. Her eyes are huge bless her. Her mouth is kind of pursed up, like Blake's can be sometimes, and she doesn't really cry much. Joel has tiny eyes, and his ears just about match up with his round head. He looks like he may be a bit tubby when he's a toddler. I'm pretty sure he'll work it off though! His mouth is tiny too bless! He cried loads! 

The one thing that has worried me, is that the doctors said that never before in history have there been conjoined twins of different genders. It's like something has triggered. That something, or someone has made this happen. I believe in all this demon stuff. What if, just what if, something's been in my house all along, but I've never really noticed it... I mean, yeah, sometimes things go missing, doors open and close, but it's never been extreme. It's never really been noticeable... If anything has been lurking around, it's been quite insidious... I'm always in moods, but I thought that was just because of me being pregnant and all... Maybe I'm wrong though, maybe it's just a miracle? You never know. I might just be getting worked up over nothing.  These kinds of things I do get paranoid about so yeah.

Well the twins are now in the operation, so obviously, I took the chance to write like I said I would... It's a little bit hard if you know what I mean; there is still the chance that they won't survive and stuff. I'm trying my best to cope with it though. Blake's still paranoid and stuff, he kind of fainted during the birth too due to the amount of blood. He's okay now though!

My babies are actually so beautiful its unbelievable! I love them so much already. I was told the procedure would be no more than two hours, and so far it's been 1 hour and 45 minutes. They told me they might finish earlier, they must finish later, no-ones too sure. The operating room is on the other side of the hospital which means it took a while to get there. The result of that is, I won't know any news for ten minutes after the operation is finished anyway.

Mum's supporting me, whilst dad's at work. It's around 3am on Friday 13th June.  The children were born at 12:32am, Friday 13th June. Blake's parents are at home resting, which, according to the doctors, is what I should be doing... Oh hell no! I'm not sleeping until I see my babies and know they're both okay! 

It feels weird here. Like- like- like someone's watching me. Nothing good. Something bad. I can feel a bad presence. It, once again, may just be paranoia, but this time, I'm really not too sure. This is because I swear I just saw the table move. It's not certain though. Not yet anyway. I think I may go to sleep for a few minutes... That may help...


Th- the guys just woke me up... The operations finished... I can see them carrying in the children... Here comes baby one. Hey! I think it's little Billie... Wait... Hang on... I can only see Billie... Where's Joel?!?! Where's Joel?!?! 

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