Best Fake Friend.

Dear Diary,
I'm storm and I've just turned sixteen. I'm in love with my best-friend Blake. I don't know what to do. His girlfriend is the definition of S.L.U.T. She constantly starts her crap with me. I just don't understand what he sees in her. I wish, just wish he could be mine.


7. Announcements.

Dear Diary,

Today was the day I announced my pregnancy to everyone... Everyone took it really well, even Blake.

I told Blake first. It's Saturday you see, so he didn't get up until midday. He rolled off my bed like he does pretty much every Saturday, and went straight to the toilet. When he did this I was running it through in my head... You're gonna be a daddy? You're gonna have a kid sleeping in the same room as you in nine months. I'm pregnant. How would you feel if I said I have your baby inside of me. I wasn't too sure... He went to the bathroom and did what he normally did, have a dump. Not very pleasant. Not when it smells the way I know it does. He walked out and looked puzzled. I asked him what was wrong and he handed me my pregnancy test. I must have chucked the box away but not the actual thing. Luckily enough though, Blake& I were the only ones that had been in the bathroom after I took it last night. He handed me the test and asked me what the two lines meant, and when I told him, his face lit up. He was, and still is REALLY excited. He can't stop smiling. He even fell to sleep with a smile on his face. He had tears on the edge of his eyes and everything when he found out. 

Next to find out was mum. I didn't really know how to tell her. So I took the test from my room, wrote a note saying, "I love you mum, sorry." and stuck it on the test, went downstairs to where she was sat, and threw it at her and than ran upstairs. When I ran upstairs Blake was chuckling to himself about how I had decided to carry out my master plan. I thought, and still think it was quite genius actually. Mum stormed up the stairs and had a go at me for throwing it at her. She didn't moan about me being pregnant though. She said, "Well, you are legally allowed to have sex, so I can't really say anything except from, I'll be here all the time. If you ever need to talk about any options available if you would not like to keep the child, anything at all, I'll be here. Promise." I thanked mum a load. I really appreciated what she said. 

Dad. He was a different story. I went to Blake's for the night so mum could break it to dad and then let him cool down for tomorrow morning. After mum told him she text me and I rung her to ask what was said. She told me how he was furious, but at least the babies father was a decent man and she told me that he said I could do what I wanted but if I keep it then it's going to ruin my life and he wont be interested. Not being funny, but that's fine by me. We all know my dad's a little softy at heart, so he would come around eventually.

I also rung up BillieMan(Billie), my best-friend, and told her the news. She was overjoyed as I told her if I ever had children, she would be a godmother to one of them. She also said the same as my mother, how she would support me no matter what, and how she was always there to talk to about ANYTHING- I put anything in capitals as she said it really loudly- almost deafened me the little biatch! She was almost just as excited as Blake and I are. Obviously I'm gonna keep the baby. I could never bring myself to get rid of it..

Oh my gosh. A girl would be named Melody. A boy would be named Devon- well there the names I want anyway. I don't know about Blake but I'm pretty sure he won't mind. I mean, this is his beloved me we're talking about here! I joke... I joke... Or do I? Nah, I do joke. Kind of. 

Going baby clothes shopping. Getting a buggy. Cot. Car seat. Oh god. I need a nursery!! I'm going to need to re-paint the guest room. N'awhh. A little play room for my baby to play in when he/she's a bit older. I'm actually really excited now. Only problem is, I have to stop drinking, smoking, and I'M GOING TO GET FAT! Grrrr. The things I do for some children.

Nan and Granddad don't know yet. Kirsty, Jess, and Annie don't know either. Neither do Blake's mum and Dad... We're going to do that in about five minutes. Arhh. I need to pee.

I just went for a pee. We're going to go and tell Blake's parents now. Wish me luck. I'll report back later on tonight.


Okaay. So it's later on tonight. They also took it surprisingly well. We went downstairs and Blake told them how we had something important to tell them. He just came out with, "Yeh, guys, you're gonna be grandparents. Love you!" They were quiet for a bit, and then they congratulated us. They told us that we had their full support. They said they would pay for many things, and even said they were glad it was me that got pregnant instead of that slut. See, I'm not the only one who calls her a slut.

Well it's been a long and exciting day,


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