Claire's Paintbrush

It's all I ever loved. Painting, it was my escape. It was my escape from reality. The reality knowing that I'm falling for someone who's out of reach. It's my guilty pleasure, it's my air. It's my oxygen. And so is Liam Payne.


1. Prologue?

I walked down the empty road. It was suddle. Quiet. Almost like no one lived here. Nothing much happened in this area of London. Which, I'm very happy about. Because, the quieter the better. I'm 20 years old, I live on my own. I'm getting into the music industry, even though my real passion lies within a paint brush and eisel.

I'm Claire Forbes. Your classic brit. (Kind of) Born and raised in England, London. (not giving specfic places.) And, like many other girls, my guilty pleasure is Liam Payne. He inspires me to paint. And, you know, I'm not really sure why, he just does.

I walk into my small flat, one floor, two bedrooms, one bathroom, a simple, brick built home. I kick my shoes off, and fly onto my couch. I pull my navy blue knitted beanie off and throw it on the table. I ruffle out my hair, the smell of mint and vanilla overwhelming my nostrils.

I reach out for my remote, and click on the telly. The first thing I see is a tanned bloke talking about the Jersey Shore and the devestion Superstorm Sandy bought to the lovely state of New Jersey. It broke my heart to see that, because, I acutally spent atleast 3 or 4 years of my life there. I got sick of seeing those poor people talking about this.

My phone buzzes in my pocket, and to stop me from getting pissed at the annoyance of it, I pick up the phone. "Hello?" I said, acting pretty annoyed. "It's meee!" my best friend Annabelle sings out into the phone. I moan, because, you know, don't get me wrong, I love her to bits, but sometimes, I just want to kick her in her face. "Yes Anna?" I breath. "Me and Miriam are coming over okay?" she says, not asking for permission. "Oh, sure, come on over." I sarcastically remark. "Right, see you soon." I laugh.

I lay back down on the couch, and cover my eyes with my beanie, I was exausted.


I get awakened by shouting girls. I sit up, and look around. Until, my doorbell rings. I walk over, and open the door. "Get off my poorch!" I complain, half asleep. I get knocked to the side, and someone comes in. The person pushes me to the side, and locks the door. I can't get my eyes to focus so I get my glasses on. When my glasses to come into focus. I find myself standing infront of a blushing Liam Payne..

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