Claire's Paintbrush

It's all I ever loved. Painting, it was my escape. It was my escape from reality. The reality knowing that I'm falling for someone who's out of reach. It's my guilty pleasure, it's my air. It's my oxygen. And so is Liam Payne.


3. Goodbye for good?

It had to be like 2 in the morning. Liam is passed out on the couch, and the fans are still outside, banging on my door. Some how, Liam managed to fall asleep.

"Brrriiinnngg.. Brinnnngggg." Liam's phone rings. He jumps up, startled by it.

"Hello?" he says groggily. He nods and sighs about something on the other line. "Okay, Paul.. Well, I'm in a house, fans are around the house, and I have no where to go.." he says, looking at me with a smirk.

"You are?" he says. "Well, the house is on.." he looks at me.. "Oh, 145 Maple Street." I say. "145 Maple Street," he repeats me. "Bye Paul, see you soon." he says. He stretches, and opens his mouth to yawn.

"Soo.." I move my head forward. "My manager is coming to pick me up." he says, looking a bit sad. "Oh.." I simply said. I had a lot on my head. I didn't want to go back to collage, now knowing Liam. I didn't want to do anything without him. He just simply smiled and lied back down. I fell back on my recliner.

"Let's watch T.V." I say. He smirks and grabs the remote before I can. "Aye, it's my house Liam." I point my finger at him. "I realize that. And while I'm here.." he starts, he kicks his feet up and puts his hands behind his neck. "I'm the man of the house, Claire." he smiles. "Fine." I sit back my arms crossed. He smiles at me.


"AHHHH!! PAULL!!" The girls scream. Liam sits up, and looks at the door. He smiles at me, one last time. "Thank you Claire." he smiles and hugs me, tightly.. Like he didn't want to leave. Paul knocks on the door. "LIAM GET OUT HERE QUICKLY!" he shouts. "Bye thanks so much." he looks back at me. He opens the door, and looks back at me one last time. Then, he was gone.

I sighed and sit back in the couch. I fell asleep quickly, going back to my old ways of dreaming about him, Liam, who was, again, out of reach.

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