Claire's Paintbrush

It's all I ever loved. Painting, it was my escape. It was my escape from reality. The reality knowing that I'm falling for someone who's out of reach. It's my guilty pleasure, it's my air. It's my oxygen. And so is Liam Payne.


2. Drama Already?

"Uh, Uh.." I studdered like an idiot. I mean, who wouldn't, if you had a boy you've been fantasizing about for 2 years was standing directly infront of you.

"Oh, um, hi.." he chuckled.

"Why. Why are you in my house?" I laughed.

"Fans.. Chased me down the street, sorry.." he chuckles.

"Uhm.. I'm Claire" I say changing the subject.

"I'm Li-"

"I know who you are.." I scratch the back of my neck.

"Oh. Of course." he slaps his hands at the side of his thighs. I smile and make it more awkward than it already was.

"Look, I'll be out soon, I can tell your uncomfortable." he kindly says. "Your not making me uncomfortable." I laugh.

He looks down at my twidling fingers. And looks back up at me, smirking.

"Okay, I'm nervous. Who wouldn't be? I mean I'm standing infront of a guy I don't even know who I've had a crush on since 2010?" I look at him. Then I cover my mouth, realizing what I said. He smiles at me.

"Aww, you like me?" he walks closer.

"Right.." I look at him. The screaming fans stand out side my door. The wiggling of my doorknob, the banging of my door. Great, so much for my quiet home. "Sorry?" he says, noticing my attitude. "Hmm." I say. I shut my curtains, some fans throwing middle fingers at me. I lock the chain, and the second one. I close the other curtains.

I call Annabelle, letting her know the situation. "You can't come, I have.. uh.." I look at Liam. "company." I finish.

"Aww, your a whore. I call you tomorrow." she says. "Ugh. Love you too." I sarcastically say, hanging up.

Liam slowly strolls over to the couch. "So, uh, you know I kind of have to be here a while.." he scoots closer.

"uhm, yes." I scoot further.

"So, what do you like to do?" he smiles at me. I get the feeling he likes me? "Uhm, I paint.." I say. "That's, always, cool." he smiles.


"And then, this one time, I went to a art gallery, and I won first place, It was the best feeling in the world." I say to Liam, who is very close to me. My arm is on his, and our faces are kissing distance. "That's amazing.. You know, Claire, I've liked this time with you.." he says, moving closer.  He purses his lips and then unpurses them. "What are you getting at?" I laugh, uncomfortabley. "I'm saying, that, uhm, I like you.." he smiles.

"What kind of.. 'like'?" I ask. "More than friends." he explains simply for me. "Liam.." I shake my head. "What? It happens, and Claire, I like you because your a lot different from other girls I've met."

"But Liam, I can't deal with anyone liking me right now." I look down, cupping my face. He sighs. I feel the seat next to me reflate. "What are you doing?" I look up, seeing Liam walk towards the door. "Checking for the fans." he says without feeling. "Almost gone. Then I'll be off your shoulders." he says, walking fastly into the kitchen. I never thought Liam would be like a drama queen like this. I'd usually think it'd be Zayn or Harry..

"Liam.." I groan, following him. I stop to see him staring at a portrait of him I painted hanging up on my kitchen wall.

He just stares at it, then turns to me. I arch my eyebrows and run over to my bathroom. I lock it. I've totally embarassed myself.

"It's okay Claire!" he bangs on the door. "Noo." I whine. "I embarrassed myself in front of you of all people."

"Claire, I split my trousers infront of nine thousand people once. This is fine.." he says.

I open the door. "I've always wanted you to like me, but for some reason  I don't want you to at the same time.." I walk past him. "It's because I'm famous? Isn't it.." he suggests. "It's half of it." I say. I turn around but Liam is kissing me. I feel butterflies explode, and it felt right, but I didn't want it like that. "No!" I cry, running from him. "I don't want to be together right away like that Liam, if anything, I want to be friends. I'm not so easy into getting. Even to my dream guy." I look at him.

"I understand.." he says. "I've got diginty. I don't throw myself at you."

"Instead your doing that to me." I say under my breath.

He smirks at me. "I hope you know this makes me more attracted to you now.." he said to me.

I roll my eyes at him. This was already the longest day of my life. But I liked it..

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