Claire's Paintbrush

It's all I ever loved. Painting, it was my escape. It was my escape from reality. The reality knowing that I'm falling for someone who's out of reach. It's my guilty pleasure, it's my air. It's my oxygen. And so is Liam Payne.


4. Attacked?


  "Are you sure this is the right house?"



  I awake to the feeling of razor sharp nails digging into my arm and a horrid tugging on my scalp. I look up and about ten raging fan-girls are in my flat about seven attacking me, the other tearing up my room. I feel blood dripping down my cheek.  This terror continues for about five minutes until we all hear a loud knock at the door. A girl opens it and Anna enters, shooting the girl a look that, made me think "If only looks could kill."

"ANNA!" I shriek "HELP ME!" Anna stands there, giving a look that makes the fangirls scared shitless. That was one of her perks. She could scare anyone with one look. One of the girls tries to escape, but Anna grabs her by her shirt. "What the hell are you doing here?" she spits in her face. "uh, uh.." she studders. "Your not going anywhere until the cops get here." she throws her on the ground.

Annabelle flips her dyed red hair over her shoulder, and pulls her phone out to call the police. The seven down stairs start to breath heavily. The other three come out of my room. "Ahh, there's ten. Claire, got to the bathroom." Anna demands. I run to the bathroom. Scared to see my room. All my paintings we're messed up, my art eisel, my paint set too. I start to tear up. "Where's my paintbrush.." I say to myself. I look in all the trash that was made up of my two month art work.  

I didn't even care about the rubble, the ripped up things that meant everything. My paintbrush was my everything. I look up, tears starting to blind my sight. "Where is it.." I say barely audible. I stand, holding my arms out to steady myself. I look over at my bed, not there. I see a little stick, I stumble over it through the trash. I pick up the little stick, a bit old. I picked it up, seeing it kind of messed up. I was relieved that it was ok. That thing was my goodluck charm, it is my everything.

The police finally reach my house, escorting the girls out of my home. "I'll check on you later.." Anna, looks up and down at me. "Please be careful and LOCK YOUR DOOR." she warns me.

"Oh babe, you know it." I laugh a bit. "Alright, I'll be back soon." she smiles. She walks out my door.


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