So Shy

Lora was new to the school and new to the country.
She had come from a small town in Ireland.
What happens when she`s trapped in a love triangle?
Will she find her true lover or not?


12. Worried.

Niall`s POV

Lora wasn`t here when I woke up. I got really tensed. She cant just go away. Did I do something wrong? I look everywhere and just kind find her in my room. Then I found a note. It was from Lora. It said she has an emergency. What happened? I think something probably happened to James. I try calling James and he doesn`t pick up. So I call a cab and rush to Lora`s house. When I reach there I ring the doorbell. After sometime James open`s the door smiling. "Hey dude! Where`s Lora?" "I thought she`s with you cause she wasn`t here." Now I see how his expression changes. "She`s gotta be with you!" "She left me a note saying its emergency and she has to leave and she left while I was asleep." "Your making me worried Niall." "I`m more worried than you James." "She`s my sister! I`ll be more worried!" "She`s my girlfriend!What about me huh?" "Ok Niall lets start arguing and calm down" "Yeah, What do we do?" "We should probably wait for sometime, if she doesn`t come back, I`ll call the police." 

Zayn`s POV

I was searching for the movie when I heard a loud thud on the ground. "Lora, are you ok!" I rush in the living room to find out that she`s lying on the floor unconscious. I get really worried. I try waking her up but nothing happens. I call up the ambulance and then I call James. It seems Niall`s gonna come too.We arrive at the hospital and Niall starts throwing thousands of questions on me. I try calming down and lie to him saying,"She came cause I didn`t know how to cook, and there was nothing left in my fridge. My mom wasn`t there either and I was starving to death." "Fine then." He said making a irritated face. The doctor came by that time and said,"Lora is really weak and tired. It seems that she was really stressed out thinking about something.We need her to stay with us for about a week." "A week, that`s too much!",Niall shouted. "Can we see her?" I ask. "Yes, but just for the next 10 minutes." "Ok." We go inside her room to see she`s lying on the bed looking really exhausted. "Hey guys." she says weakly. "No-no don`t talk. Just take some rest." said James. She nods her head and gives a weak smile. "Princess, please get well soon. Its just hard to not see your beautiful face for a week." She giggles. She looks really pretty when she`s happy. "Hey Lora, hope you become alright really soon." I say kissing her forehead which seems really warm. She looks straight at my eyes and grins. "Well, its time to go guys." said the doctor. "Ok, Lora take care, I love you." says Niall. We leave to our houses. I really don`t understand what makes Lora so stressed out? I wonder why?



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