So Shy

Lora was new to the school and new to the country.
She had come from a small town in Ireland.
What happens when she`s trapped in a love triangle?
Will she find her true lover or not?


19. Trouble

We were all home and relaxing, when James and Katy had some news. 'Pass me some popcorn, Niall" I said munching on a handful of them while looking at James. "So, Katy and I are dating."

"Yeah, that's fine" I said looking back at the t.v. Then I realized what had just happened! "OMG! Are you guys serious?" I saw Zayn and Niall laughing. "Not now, Guys" "Lora, you're never gonna change" "Haha! Very funny."

"Lora, could I talk to you for a minute?" "Yeah sure, Nialler" We walked in my room and he shut the door from behind.

"Listen, I know about you and Zayn ok?" "What?" "Yes I do" "Listen, It's not like you---" "Shhh" He said cutting me off. "I like someone else." My heart stopped. I felt dizzy, I didn't like what I heard. "Who?" "Katy" "But, she and James---" "There's another Katy at our school" "Oh!" I said. He looked at me one last time and walked away. I stood there dumbfounded. I don't believe this. Did he really love me? 

Somehow, I didn't feel that bad. I opened the door and bumped into Zayn.

"Oh, sorry" He said. "Were you standing here the whole time?" "Umm, only after Niall left" He said blushing. "Why?" "I was worried" "Why is that?" "Cause, I--I was worried." "Liar" "No!" "Yes." "No" "Yes" He laughed and picked me up in bridal style. "Mr. Malik! Put me down, Now!" "Not until you agree with me" "No, I won't" I said giggling. "Someone's gonna be in trouble" he said pushing me to the bed and jumping on top of me.

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