So Shy

Lora was new to the school and new to the country.
She had come from a small town in Ireland.
What happens when she`s trapped in a love triangle?
Will she find her true lover or not?


7. Tonight!

*Authors Note*

Hey guys, thanks for reading my fanfic. I just wanted to tell you guys that this chapter might be dirty! So some of you might not like it. So if you want then read it. Take care guys.


Nialls POV

I look at Lora and we start moving closer. We start kissing each other passsionately and she starts unzipping my pant and I take off her shirt. We keep kissing and then remove all our clothes. "Wow!" I say looking at her perfectly shaped body. I grab her in bridal style and throw her on the bed. I jump on top of her making her scream. "Ouch." I start kissing her neck and she moans. I lick her neck and then kiss her neck really hard. " Niall." she moans I take off her bra and massage her breasts. I then start sucking on her nipples. She moans my name again. She takes off my boxers and I take off her panties. "Just get in me babe." she says. I laugh and then I thrust into her hard and fast. She moans really loud. "Faster Nialler." I thrust really fast this time and moans even louder.She catches the bed sheet really tight while I'm thrusting. After sometime we put on our clothes and cuddle up together the rest of the night. It was quite a night!

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