So Shy

Lora was new to the school and new to the country.
She had come from a small town in Ireland.
What happens when she`s trapped in a love triangle?
Will she find her true lover or not?


5. The truth

*8 months later*

Lora`s POV

Everything was great. Niall has been the best boyfriend I`ve ever met. Im quite happy right now. Niall and James have become the best of friends and I love it. It was another morning I had to get up and go to school. I got ready,and off I went. I got a text from Niall saying he wont be there cause he has to visit his aunt. Im alright with that, but without him its kinda boring. All the classes were fine, and now it was lunch time. I love lunchtime, cause all of our group can hang out and I wont be bored. When I went to my table, I just saw Zayn sitting there. It was kinda awkward cause or maybe I dont know why. I sat there right beside Zayn and said,"Hey Zayn, where`s everyone?" "Oh, Harry and Louis are at the office cause they played a stupid prank on the English teacher. Liam and Katy are having some band rehearsals or something like that." "Ok." I say with a smile. He smiles back. He then takes out his phone and texts someone."May I ask who are you texting?" "Katy,she says she`s really bored and stuff." "Do you text her all the time? I ask curiously."Yeah, well she starts the conversation, you know." " Uhmmm..ok so you like someone?" " I uhhh...umm....yes I do." " Ooh! Who is that lucky girl huh?" " It's a secret,sorry." "Anyone knows?" " No just me." " Ok,cool! Let me guess, you like Katy right?" "No,well I did,but it's past." " So you guys dated?" " No,I was fighting with someone over her." " Who?" " Let's talk about something else,Lora." "Oh common Zayn,finish the stupid story!" "You won't like it!" "Yes,I will." "Then don't tell me I Warned you." " Ok fine." "I and Niall had a crush on Katy for a long time.She knew it already. So me and Niall began to fight so that one of us can get her. Later none of us won cause she started dating the most popular guy Ryan in our school. We both gave up and became friends again. But we still dont talk too much to each other nowdays." My heart stopped. Niall never said anything about Katy. I was really angry. "Lora, are you okay?" "No!" I said angrily. I stomped off to my locker and decided to text Niall there."Lora,wait!" i heard Zayn say. I did not respond and just kept walking. I saw him running behind me. In my heart I did `nt want him to come,But a tiny piece of my heart said him to follow. I really felt weird around him. Suddenly, I felt a hand grab me, I turned around and saw Zayn. "What wrong? Just leave me alone." I said trying to open my locker and reach out for my phone. "Lora, Im sorry, Just forget about it, Dont breakup because of me." "Do you still love Katy?" "No I like someone else." "Who?" "Ummmm, nevermind." "No tell me?" "I dont wanna tell." "Why?" "Lora, I dont know ok? Just dont break up!" "But Its my life If I wanna I will!" "No you wont!" "Yes,I will!" "Just stop it!" "Zayn,why do you care?" "Cause you`re my friend!" "I dont wa-" before i could say anything else,Zayn cut me off and smashed his lips onto mine. He pushed me into the locker and started kissing me harder. I felt good, fireworks going through my body. The kiss turned quite passionate. We both pulled away for some breath. "Im sorry, I did`nt mean to." "Its alright" "Ummm, so now you know who I like right?" "Yeah,I do." "Listen, I fell for you,the moment you sat beside me." "You were just so pretty, your smile melted me right away" "Zayn, I always felt something for you,But Im not sure though." "Lora, Dont break up with Niall please?" "Yes, I wont." We both walked away and finished our lunch. It was awkward. Am I falling for Zayn? I hope not.

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