So Shy

Lora was new to the school and new to the country.
She had come from a small town in Ireland.
What happens when she`s trapped in a love triangle?
Will she find her true lover or not?


3. That Moment

Niall's POV

Damn! Lora's just so beautiful.I never thought I would ever get to see a girl absolutely gorgeous like her.She's got everything I need in my princess.Her eyes,are just so beautiful,her lips just so right,her hair is like the color of blood.Her face is just like a fairytale.I never even knew I could fall so hard for a girl.I know that I just met her,but she just seems so perfect.I want her to be mine.Just mine.But I'm too shy to do anything.I admit it,I've never been serious in a relationship before.But Lora seems to be made just for me.Only me.I don't know why,I'm so shy.Ive never been shy before.I wonder why she makes my knees so weak?Im gonna use all efforts and opportunities to know her today at the Coffe meeting,wait is this a meeting or a date? I wish she thinks it's a date.

Lora's POV

I yawn an wake up to see what's the time.I never realized when I slept off.I check my phone to see a message from Niall: Hey,Lora was thinking if you wanna catch up earlier or so? Me: Hey Nialler,would love to. I instantly got a message from Niall saying: Open the door (; I opened the door and Niall gave me a tight hug. "Niall,You can leave now,it's hurting." "Oh! Sorry just loved hugging you." I smile and say,"so what do wanna do now?" "Wanna watch a movie?" "Yeah,sure! How about The Notebook?" "Nah! What kind of movies do you have?" "Well,I have a ton of romantic movies,and my brother loves watching horror ones." "Cool then,do you have paranormal activity?" "Yeah, I do it's played once in two months daily by my brother,I don't know why?" "Ok,let's watch it then." "Well,you know I don't like horror movies." "Doesn't matter,we'll cuddle up together!"He said with a wink. "Kay,then." I play the movie and bring some popcorn and drinks.I see Nialls smiling at me for no reason. "Niall?" "Yes,beautiful." "Why are smiling for no reason." "Oh nothing much,just admiring your beauty." I blush and smile back.

Nialls POV

The way she blushes is really pretty.I love everything about her,just every single thing. I was staring at her all the time and she didn't even realize it, suddenly, I heard a noise. SPLASH!!!! "Oops! I'm sorry Lora I'll clean it up." I say. "No,Nevermind I'll do it." she says pausing the movie.I run to her kitchen and bring some cloth for her and for myself.We start cleaning up the mess, I couldn't stop looking at how pretty she was.She stood up and slipped suddenly. "Oh Shit!" she said. I caught her as fast as I could and we both slipped and fell on top of each other. We both laughed together,and then we realized what happened and kept staring at each other.I was on top of Lora and she was below me. I slowly leaned in and kissed her on her lips. Her lips were warm and soft. I realized she started kissing back too. The kiss turned into a passionate kiss,I pleaded for her mouth to give my tongue an entrance and she accepted. After a few minutes we pulled apart and blushed. "I Love You Lora,will you be my Princess?" I whispered into her ear. "Yeah,Nialler!!" she whispered back,smiling I was so happy,no one knew how I felt now except for me. The rest of the movie we cuddled together the whole time.It was the best day of my life! I couldn't be happier!!

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