So Shy

Lora was new to the school and new to the country.
She had come from a small town in Ireland.
What happens when she`s trapped in a love triangle?
Will she find her true lover or not?


9. Stroll at the Park

Lora`s POV

I and Niall went back to the hotel room. "Niall, wanna go for a walk?" "No, Lora I`m feeling sick, I think I ate too much." "Should I call someone from downstairs?" "No, I just need some rest, I`ll be better then. Why don`t you go alone this time?" "Fine, just today." I kiss him on his cheek and put on my coat and shut the door. I walk out of the door, and out to the park in the hotel. I see Zayn sitting alone in the swing. He looks at me and then comes towards me. "Hey Lora, just give me a minute to explain." "Ok, just a minute ,not more." "The girl there was my little sister and we were planning for my bigger sister`s surprise party. Just cause you thought something else, I send her home." "Zayn, Im sorry, I didn`t know that." "Its ok." "So, what are you doing here all alone?" "I was just waiting for a chance to explain you this and then I would head home. So now, I better get going,Lora." "Wait Zayn, Can we talk? I mean lets have a walk together and then you leave." I dont know why I said that but I wanted him here with me, but I didn`t want to lose Niall either. "So, ummm what do u wanna talk about?" "Anything." "So, From when were you guys here?" "Last night, and you?" "Same." "Ok." It was becoming quite uncomfortable cause none of us were talking. After some time he spoke. "So, tell something?" "Do you still---" "Yes, I do Lora, I know what your trying to say." "Ok." "I probably should get going." "Ummm, then see you tomorrow at school." "Bye." We hugged each other and then I was about to pull away when Zayn caught me tighter and handed me a note in my hand. We pulled away and he left without saying a word. I opened the note and read it. It said," Dear Lora, I dont want to hurt you but for your happiness I`m leaving today. I feel its better for you and for me to know that. I`ve admired you and always will, For some reason I just cant stand an awkward distance between us for a lot of time now. I wish you the very best and hope you and Niall stay together forever, With Lots and Lots of Love, Zayn." I couldn`t believe this was hapenning.

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