So Shy

Lora was new to the school and new to the country.
She had come from a small town in Ireland.
What happens when she`s trapped in a love triangle?
Will she find her true lover or not?


17. Plan and past.

"Stop! You did that yesterday night, don't do that again!" I said. "I get what I get." he said sucking my breasts. I couldn't help but moan. Then slowly I had an idea. I started making David hornier. I rubbed his jeans. He smirked. "So, you want it too." "Yeah. Give me more, David." I said moaning. I slowly rubbed his thigh and picked his cellphone out without him noticing. He was still sucking me. I texted Katy the address. God! I wish she gets it.

Katy's POV 

Where was she? She had to be here so much time ago. That was it. I called Niall and told him everything. He was shocked. He and Zayn came here in about 15 minutes. "What if someone kidnapped her." Zayn said. "That could have happened." I said. We called James and we were all there together. Suddenly, I got a text from a unknown number. I picked it up saw it was an address. At the end it was wriiten, xxx Lora xxx..Plzz help! Everyone was shocked. It was an Ireland address.  "We needed to get there as fast as we can." said Niall. We all ran and went to Zayn's house. We had to book the earliest plane tickets to reach there.

Lora's POV

He caught me by hips and picked me up. "Where are you taking me?" I said giggling which was fake. "A surprise!" he said. "David, I'm naked." "Fine. Go wear your clothes. But kiss me first." My heart stopped. I hadn't kissed him for years. Nor did I want to. But if I didn't it would be a problem. I slowly leaned in and kissed his lips softly. Pain hurting me like hell. I smiled but inside I wanted to kill him. I walked in and changed into a tank top and shorts. He caught my hand and we walked out the van. It was a big house there. "Come in" "Isn't this your house?" "Yeah." he said. We walked in and when I entered, I couldn't believe my eyes. The house was spray painted. Every wall reminded me of our past. How we were spray painting the walls writing,"David+ Lora" My hear was beating. I was almost dead inside.

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