So Shy

Lora was new to the school and new to the country.
She had come from a small town in Ireland.
What happens when she`s trapped in a love triangle?
Will she find her true lover or not?


10. Never letting him go.

Lora`s POV

I kept making myself realize this wasn`t the truth. But it hit me every two seconds. I stood there staring at the letter. I needed to do something. I cant let him go. I go back to my room and found Niall still sleeping. I quickly write him a note saying it`s a emergency and I have to leave. I take the car keys and drive to Zayn`s home. I knock on the door and see his mom open the door. "Hello, do you need help?" "Yeah, Hello, Im Zayns friend and Where`s Zayn?" "He just left about 15 minutes ago." "Where has he gone?" "He`s gonna settle with his aunt in Bradford." "Can you tell me whats the address?" "Yeah, a minute please." She gives me the address and I run back to my car and drive to the airport. It takes me about 25 minutes to reach there. I look at the airport and search for his Planes waiting area."Excuse me miss, we need to see your ticket." I turn around to see the officer. "Ummm, I`m just searching for a friend." "Im sorry to say this, but you cant go any further." "I`ll be back in a minute." "No, you cant leave." "Fine." I act as if I`m going to the bathroom and sneak out to the plane waiting area where Zayn would be. "Miss! Stay where you are!" I run as fast as I can and the officer ends up catching me."No, wait I need to talk to him! Let me go, please!!" "No,Miss you`re coming with us." "Zayn! Are you there?" I start shouting. Everyone at the airport was staring at me like I`m crazy. "Zayn, answer me!" "Miss, its too late now and you`re friends gone."The two huge officers grab my hand tightly."Zayn! Please! Answer me!" I keep shouting."Lora!" I hear a faint voice echo in my ear. " Zayn is that you?" "Lora!" "Zayn, where are you?" The lady from the microphone announces for Zayn's plane to leave. "Zayn!" I shout louder. I don't hear a reply,so I try my best to push away the officers and I succeed. I saw him looking here and there nervously. The police officers run to catch me but I was running really fast. I grab him and hug him really tight. "Zayn, don't ever leave me again." "Lora, I'm sorry but I need to go. It's good for you and Niall." the police catch me again and this time I manage to say the last words to Zayn. "I love you."
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