So Shy

Lora was new to the school and new to the country.
She had come from a small town in Ireland.
What happens when she`s trapped in a love triangle?
Will she find her true lover or not?


21. Love Birds

Authors Note:

This chapter has a little sexual scenes in it. Just a warning!


"Ehmm.." Niall coughed. We pulled away for some breath and looked directly at Niall. I though he was gonna scream and shout at me, instead he smiled. "Looks like theres a lot of bonding going on here, Eh?" "We were just---" "Don't tell me Zayn, I'm happy you guys are together."

Lora smiled and so did I. "Anyways, lunch is ready." "We'll come in a minute." "Yeah ok." he smiled and shut the door. I looked at Lora. She giggled. "So where were we?" "Lets go have lunch now, Zayn?" "Not until we finish what we were doing." "Zayn.." she groaned.

 I licked my lips. She smirked. I got up and locked the door. "What are you doing?" "Kiss me" She smiled and kissed my lips softly. I slipped my tongue inside and we kept fighting till victory.

I pushed her on the bed and jumped on top of her. She grinned. I kissed her neck slowly. I took off her shirt and she bit my ear. "Oww." "Sorry." 

I smirked. I took my pants off and sucked on her neck making her moan. Then we heard a knock on the door."Come on now, Love birds!" screamed James.

"Yeah, yeah fine.." we groaned and wore our clothes. She was about to open the door when I grabbed her arm and pushed her to the wall. "We aren't done yet, missy!" "What do you mean?" "I mean.." I didn't finish the sentence and licked her collarbone. "This, ok" She grinned. "We'll do it later." "No, we're finishing this tonight." 

"Wear your sexy lingerie." She giggled and opened the door. 

We kept staring at each other during lunch. I couldn't get her off my mind.

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