So Shy

Lora was new to the school and new to the country.
She had come from a small town in Ireland.
What happens when she`s trapped in a love triangle?
Will she find her true lover or not?


2. First day

My brother had already left for work as always.So,I wear tight red jeans,with chocolate brown boots and I grab a hoodie from the drier.I know,everyone says i dont have a sense of dressing.I apply some mascara and lip gloss as touch-ups and look at myself one last time at the mirror and then walk down stairs and then i realize i`m late so i run and grab my backpack and then grab a toast.Half an hour later I reach at my school.As I walk inside my brand new school,I realize everyone's staring at me.Do I look so funny?
Or is it because I'm new here? I keep walking and then reach to my locker. I put my stuff in there and grab my first period books. I look around for my class but can't find it. Suddenly,I here a sweet Irish voice from behind,"Hello,pretty girl,I think your lost,do you need some help?" I turn around and just keep staring at those deep blue eyes of that handsome guy. Then I realize what I was doing and I quickly say,"Umm, Lora and yeah I'm lost." "What a pretty name you got there, can I see your schedule,Lora?" " Yeah,here you go." "Oh great! I'm going the same way,and I see we got like almost all classes together except this one." I smile at him. "I see,you've got an Irish accent like me,huh? "oh,yeah.Just came here from mullingar,Ireland." "Seriously? You gotta be kidding me,cause I'm from the same place too." "Wow! That's a coincidence." "Here we've reached Lora,by the way,I'm Niall.Nice to meet you and see you at the next class!" "Yeah,thanks Niall." After the first class,I find the next class room and walk inside.Wow,these girls are way prettier than me. I couldn't find a seat,except right beside a guy who looked quite mysterious to me.He had black hair and hazel eyes.He looked really gorgeous.I had never seen a guy like him before.He looks and just smiles at me.I smile back,my heart was racing when I was sitting beside him.I don't know why though? I see Niall coming in and sitting right behind me."Hey pretty,how ya doin?" "I'm good Niall,how about you?" "Same,beautiful." After a few classes me and Niall had together,I see that he's just staring at me all the time,which was unexpected.It was lunch time now and Niall asks me to sit with him and his group.There were three guys including him and the mysterious guy in my earlier class.There was just one more girl including me. "Hey,I'm Katherine,you can call me Katy." "Hey Katy,I'm Lora." "Yeah,I know Niall told me a lot about you." I look at Niall and find him blushing and looking at the ground."Ooh! Someone's blushing"said the guy who was munching on carrots."I'm Louis by the way" " Hey Louis,looks like you like carrots a
Lot? am I right? "Yeah Lora,you see I like girls who eat carrots." I giggle. "I'm Liam" said the guy who was trying to drink soup with a fork. "Hi Liam,let me guess your afraid of spoons,aren't you?"
"Yes,you're right girl!" he says laughing. "Looks like someone's getting to know us without even us telling it to her."said the guy with curly brown hair and a cheeky smile."I'm Harry" "Hi Harry! By the way,I love your dimples!" "Oh thanks,Lora" we finish eating and I notice that the mysterious guy wasn't talking at all.So I manage to say,"Hello,I'm Lora,may I get to know your name please?" "Yeah,sure why not.Im Zayn Malik." "Hey Zayn,nice to meet you." I say with a smile on my face."Hey,wanna grab a drink before the bell rings." Before I could say anything,the bell rings."Oops! Maybe next time." He smiles."Gotta go Lora,See ya later." "Bye Zayn." I grab my stuff and walk to my locker.After all of the classes over,it was time to go home.I just cant wait to tell James what happened today! Later,I see Niall staring at me from the corner,and then he walks up to me with a smile and says,"Hey,Lora! Looks like we're locker buddies." He opens his locker and says,"Wanna catch up for a coffee sometime?" Did he just say that? Wow,that was so sweet of him."Yeah,sure Niall, I would love to." "Great! Here's my number." he says handing me a piece of paper with his number on it."When do you wanna meet?" "How about today?" "Yeah,sure beautiful." "So then meet you at five,if it's all right with you?" "Yeah pretty,It's perfect!" I smile at him and he smiles back.We wave goodbye to each other,and then take our own ways home.As soon as I reach home,I save Niall's number in my phone and lie down in my comfy couch,lazily.

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