Girl next door

Sam is new at Rosemary High . He falls for a shy girl called Amy but the thing is she has a football boyfriend . will Sam find away to make sure Amy see's her boyfriend for who he really is or will he just be another boy to her ...


3. The Gates

Sam couldn't take his eyes off Amy during the Journey to school . just the way she looked in her uniform . she looked beautiful

"Sam!" shouted Aaron

"yeah sorry " said Sam looking away from Amy

"i said are you gonna try out for the football team?" Asked Aaron #

"Erm , i don't know, maybe " said Sam looking out the window

The Bus Journey seemed like forever for Sam . As the Bus Pulled to the Grey building school . with a hanging sign "welcome to Rosemary school "  . lets just say the sign wasn't that welcoming . it was a red rusty sign with white text . As all the students file out and towards the big Grey gate to enter school . there was a man who was wearing a bright yellow coat . Sam guessed he was the one who was gonna open the gate and he was right . The man opened the gates , which looked like a prison gate . all the children were the prisoners .As Sam walked into the school with the iron gates, some boys ran past him and stood straight looking down at the crowds of people coming in . A row of girls were chatting while some boys tried to impress them with their charms but the girls were not interested Another group of girls were walking towards Amy . thats must be her crew. As Amy walked past people . they would stop and stare at her . but Sam didn't blame them , she was beautiful . 
"Are you looking at my lass " Asked a older boy to Sam

"no " Sam said nervously

"good and if i catch you again , i will smash you into pieces"  said the boys laughing and walking off to the girls

"are you ok Sam?" Asked Jay

"yeah just some lad asked me if i was looking at his girl " said Sam walking

"you got to be careful . He's called Mat. he's the school's top boy and the most dangerous in a fight    " said harry 

"oh ok thanks for the tip" said Sam smiling 

Suddenly the bell rang and loads of groans could be heard from across the school 

"Time for tutor " said Jay waving bye to the boys

"what tutor you in " asked Aaron 

"Erm, these one " said Sam pointing at the piece of paper 

"oh thats my tutor i will take you come on " said Harry

Sam was happy to have a friend like Harry on his first day  

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