Girl next door

Sam is new at Rosemary High . He falls for a shy girl called Amy but the thing is she has a football boyfriend . will Sam find away to make sure Amy see's her boyfriend for who he really is or will he just be another boy to her ...


2. the Bus



The sound that Sam had been dreading since he moved . His first day at school

"Are you up Hunny ?" shouted His Mum

"yeah. i am just going into the shower " Sam Shouted back 

Sam Lay in his bed thinking. his thoughts were interrupted by his mum 

"I thought you said you were going into the shower and your still in bed?" question his mum 

"Yeah I am . I'm just thinking for a bit " said Sam not taking his eyes of the ceiling

 "Sam come on your going to be late so get in the shower while I make breakfast " said his mother walking down stairs 

"ok mum " replied while a yawn 

Sam went into the bathroom and hoped into the shower, the hot water relaxed his nerves  of being at a new school . thats means new friends , new teacher , new classes and new bullies. After getting out the shower Sam looked in the mirror . His eyes were a bright blue . this meant it was summer. Sam's eyes would changed colour for every season . Sam walking back into his room and pick out his uniform . Black trousers , white shirt , golden tie and a blazer . After getting dressed Sam went down stairs to the smell of pancakes . 

"smells good mum " said Sam walking into the kitchen before getting giving his mum a kiss on the cheek

"thank you hunny . I know that pancakes are your favourite . " she said while putting on a plate and putting it on the table .   

"have you got your lunch " she asked

"yep " 

"bus money ?" 


"good i will go get your shoes while you finish your pancakes " she said before going into the hallway 

Sam got up and put his plate into the dishwasher and picked up his blazer and put his shoes on 

"right i am going now mum bye" Sam said before kissing his mum on the cheek

"bye hunny , have a good day " 

and with that Sam closed the door and headed for the bus stop .

while standing at the bus stop . his was fixing his tie 

"do you need some help with that ?" said a sweet voice

"Erm, yes please its my first day " he replied back with a smile 

the girl fixed Sam's tie 

"thank you " said Sam with a smile 

"no problem . I am Amy by the way " she said while sticking her arm out for the bus

"I am Sam " he said while getting his money out 

"nice to meet you Sam" she said while a smile 

Sam was amazed by her beautiful smile. suddenly 5 boys came behind them . its was Harry,Aaron , Joey, Luke and Jay. 

"hey Sam" they all said together 

"hey guys " replied Sam while getting on the bus 

"Rosemary high please" said Sam to the bus driver

"ok thats £1.50 please "

"ok there you go" Sam said handing the driver the money and taking his tickets and walking to the back of the bus . 

followed by the boys . 

"come to the back Sam" shouted Jay 

the 6 boys sat at the back of the bus and headed towards school . 

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