Girl next door

Sam is new at Rosemary High . He falls for a shy girl called Amy but the thing is she has a football boyfriend . will Sam find away to make sure Amy see's her boyfriend for who he really is or will he just be another boy to her ...


1. moving in


Sam Johnson was an only child. At the age of 5 Sam's dad was found to have had cancer and Sam was always with his dad so it hit him really hard . Sam would be at the treatments with his dad and would never leave his side . when Sam was 9 his dad of cancer . Sam was crushed and stills finds it hard to move on with life 4 years later.Now at the age of 15 .He now lives with his mother Laura in the city of London. Sam had just recently moved to London from Canada where he was originally born . Sam's mum had always found it hard being a single parent, trying to raise a boy on her own since her husband died, but having her new job in London was good because it would bring more money into the household and it would mean a fresh start for both of them . As Sam and his mother were getting boxes out the Van,Sam saw a beautiful tall with long brown hair .

"wow she looks beautiful " Sam thought to himself 

"come on hunny stop daydreaming and help with the boxes" shouted his mother

Sam could feel his cheeks going bright red and he turned around to his mother and grabbed some boxes from the van and headed inside the new house. The house had 3 bedrooms . 1 master bedroom which was his mums which was at the back of the house then 2 medium bedroom, 1 which was Sam's and other one for guests. both rooms were at the front of the house but Sam's room was next to the garage where you can sit on the roof . Sam unpacked the boxes saying "Sam's stuff". He took out all of the clothes and hung them in the wardrobe then put his shoes in there too. As Sam turned around he glanced out the window to see the same girl he saw outside but this time she was  getting into a car with a boy and driving off .

"Maybe that was her brother or maybe her boyfriend". Sam thought to himself 

Sam just brushed the thought out of his mind and decided to go and explore the town . 

"I am going out to see around the city " said Sam to his mother.

"ok but be back before tea " called his mother as Sam stepped out the door .

Sam walked for about 10 minutes until he reached a park . the park was filled with people , from children to dog walkers . lets just say it was pretty packed. Sam headed toward the swings and as he sat down . He saw a couple of boys playing football.Sam thought for a second and then decide to ask if he could play,

"Erm , would I able to play with you guys?" there was nerves in his voice 

"sure , I am Harry ,this is Aaron , this is Joey and thats Luke and Jay they are brothers " he said pointing to each boy

"hi , I'm Sam . I just moved into the house down there" Sam Said pointing to the Big House

"So Your my new here. Lets just say you have the best house in the street . " said Jay walking towards Sam

"How come?" 

"well you have Amy Jones next door to you. its very boys dream to live next door to her . " said Luke

suddenly Sam phone buzzed

" I have to go but I will cya around " shouted Sam running

"bye " All five boys shouted

Sam ran like the wind home and quickly took his shoes off and headed into the living room 

"you promised you wouldn't be long " Shouted his mother

"sorry mum . I just met some lads and we got talking so i lost track of time " sam said going into the kitchen to help his mum

"its ok . I was just worried about you. now get that veg on" she said with a smile

After tea Sam went up to his new room and look up at the stars . even though his dad wasn't here . He always believed that he was looking down on him . Sam was determined to make his dad proud of him.

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