Thoughts of Chaos

This is my first story. It is not very long about one page but if anyone wants more there will come more.
It is in the middle ages maybe a bit later with a girl from a rich family who isn't very pretty and is kind of psycho cause everyone is afraid of her. She then takes money for killing people. This is just introducing the story.
Sorry if there is some grammatic fails xP
English is not my home language if you can say that :)


1. Introducing Me

Thoughts of Chaos





The forest is dark like it always is and the girl is walking happy like she has no idea what is going to happen. I sit in the tree with the dagger lightly gliding over my fingers checking it is still sharp.

When she pass the tree im sitting in I silently crawl down and slight up behind her. She dosn't have the chance to scream or react in any way before the knife slits her throat. Blood runs down her neck and down her big chest and down on the dress she is wearing.

I don't let her fall to the ground.

No I lightly lay her in a feminin possition with her hands folded on her stomach and her head tilded lightly to the left. I take the care to lay a flower between her hands before I then check for any trails that could lead the law to me. I give my victims the respect they deserve. Plus I like to have something people can reckonise me with.

I then pull up my list and finds her name before I then set a little 'check' the the tip of my knife and blood runs down the paper kind of ironic i think to myself but give it no more thought.

I take a final look at her..shes pretty..what a shame..before I then starts to run over to town. I think of what would have happend if I was pretty like that. Could just send the guys small innocent smirks and toy with there feelings to find out who would give me enough satisfaction.

I had seen her in the town with one of the finer guys. I was one of the 'finer ones' myself but my dad knew that he wouldn't get me married to someone.

I didn't have beautiful red lips or big blue eyes. No my lips were thin and almost grey. My eyes had a wierd grey color and my skin was almost transparent. My hair was as thin as thread and wouldn't stick together and make a beautiful crown of hair. No it was long and dark grey like my elders sadly I was only 26 summers. My face wasn't a beautiful round or oval shape. It was only sqauared and had no forms just like my body. Just thin and with no forms. If it wasn't for my long hair people would probably think I was a man.

I would much rather be a man. But I ain't. I'm just a helpless woman.

But I ain't like the other helpless women in the town who needs a man so they can hold on to and carry them or help them. No the only thing I need is a knife and then im happy.

I just have to make a reputation and the all the broken hearts come running to me.

The hopelessly in love fools in the town is a good exampel. They all let the girls toy with them and when they then dump them..they want revenge and then I come into the picture.

I have no problem killing. I am what most people calls a sociopath..I call myself a buissnesswoman.

The lights from the farms surounding town breaks the dark and i enter the little city called Greendale. Pretty ordinary name...well it is a pretty ordinary town so..

After a long time of walking I come up to the big house where I live. I knock on the door and a little piece of wood which i poorly put behind the whole in the door is pulled aside and the serving girl rushes to open the door to let me in. She knows how angry I get when I am forced to wait. With a jealous look I glance over to her

. She is about 15 summers and is grown out. But im still almost 2 foot taller than her. And alot bigger. but then walks up the stairs to the top floor that I was given.

Everybody in the house wan'ts so little to do with me as possible which suits me fine when I like being alone. I take the cowl off and sit down on the chair while looking out of the window in silence before I then sit down with thoughts of chaos in my head.

They fill me with lust. With a burning feeling to let them take over me, but I force them out only few moments after. I then lay down in my bed and smile to myself not carring that im still wearing the dirty clothes. Today is ending and soon a new day and a new kill will arive.

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