Violet Hayes didn't know much about her family. Being raised in a foster home with many energetic little kids had restricted her from asking her foster mother any questions about them. But suddenly an odd nightmare about three people dressed in dark cloaks turns into a horrifying reality.

Violet is a part of the _Rena_. A civilization of people who have been reborn with supernatural abilities.

On top of that, she finds that if she doesn't find the flower that will spare her cursed life, the Renati, the government of the Rena, will keep Violet alive for all eternity as their devoted slave.

But why, of all the Rena, makes Violet so special?


1. Prologue

The crunching of fallen leaves beneath me, were the only sound I didn't mind hearing.

They were following me again. Three dark figures moving swiftly over the damp forest moss, almost as if they were floating.

I however, continued to run; pushing leaves and anything else that happened to block my way.

No matter how fast I ran, how many times I tried to hide, they would appear.

What did they want?

I would never know. They never spoke and they never seemed able to reach me or touch me but they still appeared, cloaked and eerie.

A tall pine tree loomed over me and I jumped behind it, trying to even my breathing.

The frosty wind nipped at my nose and cheeks. I’d made the mistake of looking behind me before and found they were a mere two feet away and yet still moving closer to me.

Light from the moon, illuminated a cave that I've never come across before. And I've been here loads of times, more than I wanted to remember.

Was this the end? Was the cave the solution that would make everything end? Could this be the end of these terrifying nightmares?

I took a deep breath before proceeding in my sprint once more.

Joy and relief filled inside me at the thought of being free of this, being free of all this fear.

I cautiously stepped inside. This wasn't what I expected at all. There was no light and the only thing that I could see were broken pieces of rock scattered on the floor as if someone intentionally threw them out of anger.

This wasn't supposed to happen. There was supposed to be a blinding light that would lead me home. I was supposed to hear car horns honking and see the silhouette of my little sister, Sierra in the doorway.

And yet, as I turned around, the moon light hit my face. In front of me were the three black figures. One reached towards me, his hand looked grey and...dead.

But they were never able to touch me, so why now?

I closed my eyes, in a silly attempt to wish them away. But I didn't.

The wind still blew my hair and I could still hear the leaves crinkle as the blew but when I opened my eyes, all I could see was our damaged ceiling.

I felt the squeaky mattress under my head along with the uncomfortable pillow that always gave my neck, cramps.

My nose wrinkled when I realized that I had made a large pool of sweat. Lisa didn't seem to be moving at all, I'm guessing it was because Sierra was now safely in her arms.

A part of me wondered if I had even made a sound in my sleep and the other part which was much more curious about the dream, wondered...

Was this the end?

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