Love or Lies

Kathryn is an 18 year old Filipino born and raised in London. What happens when she's offered a job concerning One direction? Will she accept it? Will love start to sprout? Or will lies get in the way leading to regret? 


2. Unexpected surprise

Kathryn's POV

I ran out of the taxi as it pulled up to the Radio 1 studio, yes, THE Radio 1 studio where One Direction broadcasted Live. Unfortunately I was sick that day. I sighed as I thought about it. 

"Hey!" I heard a familiar voice yell from behind me. 

I turned to see Alice running towards me. We weren't that close, however, close enough to trust each other with secrets. She may have looked like a petite girl but under all that cuteness was a black belt martial artists, like the saying goes "Don't judge a book by it's cover"!

"Hey Kathryn!" she said gasping for air.

"Hey love!" I replied looking at her outfit.

"Uhh what's got you so dolled up this morning?" I asked. 

She did a 360 showing off her gorgeous floral print sun dress and white lace flats. She grinned from ear to ear causing me to grow very curious.

"One Direction is coming! Ahhh! I'm so excited to be meeting them again!" Alice screamed deafening many ears.

"Surrre." I said with a monotoned voice

"Wait. It's your first time meeting them right? Since you were sick last time." she asked looking at me pitifully.

"Uh yeah! It sucked since I was diagnosed with hay fever!" I replied pouting my lips that soon turned into a smile.

"Awwh well don't worry they're very nice and are just about to arrive. Let's go in and get warmed up now." she said as we walked into the entrance.

Alice's POV

I finally adjusted to the warmth and had small talk with Kathryn. I'm sure she would get along with the boys just fine. 

"Though Kathryn is only working part time here as my assistant, she has a lot of potential to be a photographer. I've seen her pictures and they are just breath taking." I thought to myself.

"Oh! They're here!" I screamed surprising Kathryn.

I could tell she was nervous and told her to just stay calm. I grabbed her hand and walked up to the boys introducing her to them.

"Hey Kathryn!" They said in unison.

Her cheeks turned into a rosy pink and said "Hey" back shyly.

Kathryn's POV

I couldn't believe I met One Direction so soon! I blushed at the sight of them looking at me with bright smiles. We had at least half an hour to spare so we took this chance to get to know each other. We got ourselves comfortable in the staff room while drinking coffee. 

"So Kathryn, what's your job here? Asked an Irish boy known as Niall.

"I work here part time as Alice's assistant." I answered smiling.

The boys replied with ohhh's and ahhh's. I felt myself relaxing around them and realized they weren't super stars, just normal boys who wanted to have fun. 

"5 minutes before we go Live!" a staff worker yelled standing in the doorway.

Time flew by so fast and yet we knew so much about each other as if we were childhood friends. I just couldn't believe if I was dreaming or not. 

"Pinch me." I Said looking at Louis.

"What?!" He asked shocked.

"Just do it." I said.

He pinched my cheeks and I yelled out a scream. "ouch!"

"Woah. Sorry are you okay?!" he asked worried.

"No I'm fine. I just wanted to know if I was dreaming or not." I laughed.

"well does this feel like a dream babe?" Zayn asked as they all shuffled out the door each of them kissing my cheek.
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