Love or Lies

Kathryn is an 18 year old Filipino born and raised in London. What happens when she's offered a job concerning One direction? Will she accept it? Will love start to sprout? Or will lies get in the way leading to regret? 


7. Part 2

Part 2

We arrived at my flat. I looked at the time and it read 11:00! I needed to get some sleep for my meeting tomorrow! Since it was already late at night I told Harry he could stay and leave the next day. I walked into my flat and saw Nandos all over the floor and table. What the bloody hell happened here?! Then my eyes followed the trail of pillows, I saw Kaly and Niall asleep on the couch cuddling. Awwwh. I told Harry to follow me up the stairs and into my room. I threw a pair of my dads sweats, which he forgot from his last visit, at Harry. 

"I could sleep on the floor if you're uncomfortable babe." he said actually considering my feelings.

"It's okayy Harry! No harm in letting you sleep on the same bed as me and plus my bed is huge!" I said, quickly reassuring him. He slid into the bed awkwardly but soon got comfortable under the duvet. I soon fell asleep to the rhythm of his breath.

"Ughh turn it off!" Harry yelled, shoving his head under the pillow. I looked at my phone and turned the alarm off. Today is my meeting with K Magazine and I want to make a great impression! I wore a black sequin dress that was long in the back and short in the front with Christian Louboutin pumps. 

"Bye Harry!" I ran out the door hoping I would make it in time.

12:40 P.M.

I entered the company and walked to the counter. 

"Hey! I have an appointment for Kathryn Sanchez." I said.

"Oh! Yes Miss Sanchez, they are waiting for you on the 5th floor." The accountant said giving me a toothy smile.

I replied with a thank you and headed to the lift. I thought most companies would have boring elevator music but I was surprised to hear One Directions "Live While Were Young"!
*DING!* I nervously walked out of the lift and saw someone waiting for me. 

"Hey! The names Grant and I am here to show you which room to go to." he exclaimed.

"Hi! Um okay?" I followed Grant down many hallways wondering how I was going to leave without getting lost. We finally stopped at a wooden mahogany door.
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