Love or Lies

Kathryn is an 18 year old Filipino born and raised in London. What happens when she's offered a job concerning One direction? Will she accept it? Will love start to sprout? Or will lies get in the way leading to regret? 


6. Part 1

Kaly's POV 

Kathryn rushed to get her outfit on. A white flowy top and tribal print shorts. She went into the bathroom to apply on light makeup and putting her hair into a fishtail braid. I heard a knock on the door. "Hey Harry!" "Hello love, where is Kathryn?" he asked, looking around her flat. 

"She'll be out in a minute, so where are you taking her?" I asked curiously. He whispered into my ear and my eyes went wide. "AHHH! Really?! She'll love going ther-" I got cut off by Kathryn grabbing Harry's arm and slipping on a pair of navy blue TOMS.

"Don't stay out to late!" I shouted sarcastically.

"Bye mom!" Kathryn giggled.

Harry's POV

I opened the door for her as she slid into the passenger seat. She looked so beautiful. I just want to kiss her full lips right now! Gosh! Get a hold of yourself Styles!

Kathryn's POV

Harry held the door open for me like the gentleman he was.
He looked so sexy in his black skinny jeans and white T-shirt, but I couldn't tell him that of course. Stop fantasizing about what isn't going to happen Kat! Get a hold of yourself!

"Where are we going?" I asked excitedly.

"Somewhere. It's a surprise babe!" Harry said in his heavy accent.

"Ohhh. I see Styles." I said slowly. I sat back and got comfortable. A few minutes later I drifted off to sleep.

Niall's POV

30 minutes after Harry left I called Kaly. She picked up after the second ring. 

"Hello?" she said

"Oh! Uhh... Hey Kaly! It's Niall." No duhh it's you! Get a grip! I thought to myself.

"Hey Niall! So did you need something?" she asked. 

"Oh! Yeah! I was wondering since you're alone at home, maybe I could come over and hang out with you? I'll bring Nandos!" I said, knowing it was her favorite food.

"Well I am hungry and a little lonely. Sure! I'd love for you to come over!" she said excitedly.

I let out a sigh of relief, "Yay! I'll be there in less than half an hour! Bye! See you later!"

Kaly's POV

"Bye Niall!" I slowly came back to reality. Shoot! Niall is coming over and I look like a total mess! I ran into the bathroom to put on some light makeup, wanting it to look natural. I then slipped on a "I love 1D" sweatshirt and grey sweats. I heard a knock on the door and rushed to open it.

"Hey Niall! Come in!" I motioned him to follow me into the flat. We sat on the couch and watched Grease, while eating Nandos.

Kathryn's POV

I felt a pair of strong hands shake me. "Kathryn. Kathryn. Wake up babe, we're here." whispered a familiar accent.

Harry's POV

"Babe, we're here." I whispered, while shaking her shoulders. A pair of brown eyes fluttered open.

"Where are we?" Kathryn said in her sleepy voice, which I found very attractive. I helped her get out of the car. "Welcome to Mr. Sheeran's house!" I shouted.

"Wait. Sheeran? As in Ed Sheeran?" she asked, her mouth in the shape of a perfect O. 

Kathryn's POV

"Yeah, he's having a party and Kaly told me you have always wanted to meet him! And he invited me, so I though of bringing you." Harry said giving me a toothy smile. I internally facepalmed myself. Gosh! When did Kaly have the time to tell him all about me?! Harry knocked on the door and to my surprise Demi Lovato opened the door! "Hey Harry!" "Hey Demi! Where's Ed?" "He's in the kitchen making spaghetti. Hmm who is this beautiful young lady?" Her eyes trailing from Harry's direction to mine. "Oh! Demi this is Kathryn And I suppose you already know who this is, Kat." he said, chuckling at my expression. Harry ran into the kitchen yelling "Eddd!". I was chit chatting on the couch with Demi and other people like Selena Gomez. 

"Foods ready! Said Harry and Ed. We all sat at the island and started eating like the civilized people we were. That is until Harry and Ed yelled "spaghetti fight!" while throwing noodles at me and Selena. 

"Oh no you did NOT just do that Styles." I said, trying to sound as prissy as I could.

"And what if I did Sanchez?" Harry said throwing more noodles at me with his fork.

Me, Selena, and Demi exchanged glances. "Oh it's on!" We grabbed the bowls of spaghetti strings and dumped them all over Ed and Harry. Ed ran towards Selena and Demi with hands full of spaghetti sauce, while Harry jumped out of his seat and pulled me over his shoulder spinning me around in circles.

"Stop! Harry stop!" I screamed, mixing screams and laughter together.

"Tell me I'm the best and I'll stop!" he shouted, still spinning me around.

"Okay! Hahaha you're the best! Now stop! Stop!" I screamed. 

"I know I am babe. No need to tell me twice." Harry winked at me and put me down. 

We got ourselves cleaned up and decided it was time for us to head home. "Bye everyone!" I said, hugging Selena, Demi, and Ed. 
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