Love or Lies

Kathryn is an 18 year old Filipino born and raised in London. What happens when she's offered a job concerning One direction? Will she accept it? Will love start to sprout? Or will lies get in the way leading to regret? 


9. Mum?!

I opened the door and my smile instantly vanished. I recognized one of the faces sitting at one end of the table. 

"What are you doing here, Jeanette?" I asked confused.

"Is that any way to speak to your Mum?" she said with a grin on her face as if she was mocking me.

I snickered, " Mum? You were never a mother to me! Right from the beginning! You left me and da-" I was interrupted by someone clearing her throat. A beautiful lady with a blonde bob walked up to me and held out her hand. 

"Hello Kathryn. I'm Samantha Roberts, the vice president of K magazine." Her hand felt cold as I shook it. 

" um what is my "mother" here for?" I asked tilting my head to glare at her.

" That will be explained later. Lately we've been losing readers. Which means no money and it's not good if we have no money is it?" she asked. 

"No. It isn't. So what does this have to do with me and my job?" I asked curiously.

"Rumor has it, you are "close friends" with Harry Styles." she started to grin with a glint in her eye.

I started thinking for a moment and it hit me. " No! I'm not going to get close to him just for your financial problems!" 

"And that is why your mother is here. Jeanette, would you like to explain?" 
She asked, turning around to face her. Jeanette stood up, started pacing around, and finally turned to faced me. She threw pictures on the table in front of me.

"Basically we will release these photos if you don't." she said, threatening me.

My jaw dropped immediately. There were many pictures of Harry and me kissing. This would ruin his career and it would be all my fault! 

"Now let's try this again. Will you be our special paparazzi spy?" said Samantha grinning.

I spoke with an expressionless face. "Fine. Just know I'm not doing this for you guys!" 

They handed me a camera, "We want you to take pictures of the band and their daily routines. Even when they are sleeping, eating, or doing nothing! We need those pictures! And don't you dare take blurry pictures! Your mother told me all about your photography skills and the awards you won. Thank you and have a nice day Miss Sanchez." Samantha said. I got up and walked out. As soon as the door closed, I ran out of the company. 

The next day.

Kaly's POV

"Hey Niall!" I said, faking a smile. 

"Hey Kaly!" he said while blushing. I couldn't help blushing back.

I didn't want Kathryn to do this all alone so I decided to be her partner in crime. If the boys ever found out they would be crushed. 
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